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BioCycle December 2011, Vol. 52, No. 12, p. 55

Food Service Packaging Diversion
The Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), Inc. announced the founding of the “Paper Recovery Alliance” (PRA), a group of organizations that will create solutions for recovering and processing used paper foodservice packaging. PRA plans to develop the necessary collection infrastructure, expand end use markets for recovered fiber, educate consumers to increase recovery and collaborate with government officials. Pilot projects that include all parts of the value chain will be established to understand and overcome existing challenges to paper foodservice packaging recovery. “Through these pilot projects, we hope to identify best practices and ultimately develop economically viable recovery strategies for all used paper foodservice packaging in North America,” says FPI President Lynn M. Dyer. “Many of our member companies have already launched recovery initiatives. However, now is the time to take their efforts further by building scale and developing sustainable solutions for the entire value chain.”

Reserving Replacement Engines
To help meet anticipated demand for biogas projects in Germany, GE now offers a Flex Overhaul reservation agreement that extends the operating hours of its J312 Jenbacher gas engines. By signing a Flex Overhaul agreement, customers will have a reserved, overhauled engine in stock when they need a replacement engine. After the customer’s original Jenbacher equipment reaches a maximum 80,000 operating hours, GE’s Jenbacher service team will deliver an overhauled engine to the site to replace the customer’s original unit. GE disassembles the existing engine, replaces it with the refurbished unit and returns the original engine to GE’s Jenbacher repair facilities.

Curbside Organics Container
EcoSafe Zero Waste recently announced a new line of containers for both recycling and organics collection. The containers are being sold in partnership with Straight Recycling, a supplier based in the United Kingdom that has been developing products for waste diversion programs for many years. The EcoCaddy is a 6-gallon food waste container for use in curbside collection. The unit has a pinless hinged lock and seal lid, an ergonomic rear pivot handle with glove clearance and a large label area for customization. It can withstand substantial impacts. Also available in the new product line is the EcoSort recycling system designed for source separation of waste materials, including organics. The 16- and 18-gallon container bodies are available with six interchangeable lid types. An interlocking wheeled base is available.

Biogas Plant Partnership
CH4 Biogas (Atlantic Beach, FL) and Synergy, LLC (Covington, NY) have formed Synergy Biogas, LLC to build, own and operate a Bigadan A/S biogas facility at the Synergy Dairy in Covington. Synergy will provide a site for the facility and supply manure under a 25-year land lease and manure supply agreement. Manure from the 2,400 milking cows at the Synergy Dairy will be digested with manure from another dairy in the immediate area and food grade organic waste transported to the site.

Pellenc Mobile Sorting Line Assists MRFss
Pellenc ST America Inc. and Titus Maintenance have announced the new Portasort sorting line, designed to increase materials recovery by as much as 70 percent versus traditional manual sorting, resulting in lower residuals disposal costs and higher materials revenues. The mobile, trailer-mounted unit, developed through a CalRecycle grant, was originally designed to sort and quantify bioplastics in California’s waste stream. This unique concept can now be applied to recover a range of materials, including fibers, plastic films, PET, natural and colored HDPE and aseptic cartons, depending on final configuration. It combines mechanical and optical sorting technologies and is equipped with the Titus-patented light fibers extraction system and vibration shaker. The line can be fed with a loader or conveyor.

Compost Spreader
Meyer Mfg. Corp.’s new 9500 “Crop Max” Spreader for compost and manure offers multiple spreading attachments that are easily removed. The S-100 attachment is a combination design of two horizontal beaters with lower spinner disks to disperse material low and wide up to 65 feet. The S-200 attachment has “massive,” dual vertical expellers that create “an explosive 30 to 40 foot pattern,” says the company. The Crop Max has a Hinged Stake System for easy attachment removal.

Global Renewable Power Investment
Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports that renewable energy has surpassed fossil fuel for the first time in global investment in new power plants. According to Bloomberg, electricity generated through wind, sun, waves and biomass drew $187 billion last year compared to $157 billion from natural gas, oil and coal. Acceleration of solar- and wind-power plants has lowered equipment prices, making the technologies more competitive with fossil fuel. “The progress of renewables has been nothing short of remarkable,” United Nations Environment Program Executive Secretary Achim Steiner told Bloomberg. “You have record investment in the midst of an economic and financial crisis.”

Low-Carbon Fuel To Take Flight
Virgin Atlantic Airways is developing a low-carbon aviation fuel with just half the carbon footprint of the standard fossil fuel alternative. A partnership with LanzaTech represents a breakthrough in aviation fuel technology that will capture waste gas from industrial steel production, and ferment and chemically convert it for use as a jet fuel using Swedish Biofuels technology. Within two to three years, Virgin Atlantic will plan flights using the new fuel on its routes from Shanghai and Delhi to London Heathrow, as LanzaTech and partners develop facilities in China and India. The technology is being piloted in New Zealand.

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