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BioCycle April 2012, Vol. 53, No. 4, p. 63


Bobcat M-Series E55 compact excavatorMore Reach With Extendable Arm

Bobcat, the only company that manufactures compact excavators in the United States, continues to bring innovation to compact equipment with introduction of a new extendable arm option for the M-Series E55 compact excavator. The telescoping arm provides both power and an additional 30 inches of reach when fully extended. The new option is also the first extendable arm for compact excavators in this size class that allows use of the hydraulic clamp and Hydraulic X-Change attachment mounting system.

Data Tracking Service Tackles Food Waste

A new high-tech data tracking tool developed by Intellliflex tracks food waste among the entire supply chain, helping to tackle a problem that costs the U.S. economy $35 billion a year and exacerbates climate change. Utilizing RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and a cellular reader that includes a GPS (global positioning system), synced time, temperature and location data can reveal when, for instance, a shrink-wrapped pallet of perishable food that was supposed to remain refrigerated sat exposed to the elements on a loading dock. “With the introduction of our CMR-6100 Cellular Reader and ZEST Data Services, Intelleflex leads the way in expanding the ability to capture data about the condition and location of products and make that information available for improved decision-making and collaboration across the supply chain,” said Peter Mehring, president and CEO of Intelleflex.

Facility Startup

Alpine Waste & Recycling, the largest fully integrated independent waste and recycling company in Colorado, has begun operations at a new composting facility that will ultimately produce about 250 tons of material monthly. Located on 5 acres of the East Regional Landfill near Bennett, the facility will market its compost to landscapers, farmers and municipalities. The first batch of compost is due for testing and analysis near the end of April, following a little more than two months of processing. All compost will meet US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) standards. The company recently expanded its compost hauling operations with acquisition of all the compost routes from Denver-based Waste Farmers.

Scraper Bar

The X-series windrow turners from Komptech include an optional scraper bar mounted behind the drum to assure complete turning. The patented device enables the turner to pick up all of the windrowed material, including the bottom three to four inches. If this layer never gets turned, it goes anaerobic and begins to smell. When the windrow is turned, the bottom layer is exposed and odors are allowed to escape. The removable scraper bar rides on the ground surface and picks up this layer, preventing any part of the windrow from going anaerobic.

2G-CENERGY production facility in St. Augustine, FloridaCHP Production Plant

Bolstered by U.S. orders in the first quarter of 2012 that outstrip combined domestic orders received during fiscal years 2010 and 2011 combined, 2G-CENERGY is building a state-of-the-art production facility in St. Augustine, Florida. The company plans to manufacture its advanced biogas CHP (combined heat and power) clean energy conversion systems for all of its North and South American markets. “The U.S. biogas market is an important part of our group strategy and we are now very vigorously accessing that market,” said Michael Turwitt, president & CEO of 2G-CENERGY. “Our growing number of U.S. orders justifies this multimillion dollar investment.” The 60,000-square-foot facility will add 100 to125 jobs to the local skilled labor force.

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