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Once you are in, just type what you are looking for in the “Search BioCycle Magazine” window. It can be a key word (or words), author’s name, location, equipment manufacturer, facility, etc. Search, research and network without pulling your old issues out of a box and paging through, scrambling to find that article from five years ago on “you name it.” If you have any trouble logging in, or can’t locate your ID number, just write us an email ( We will guide you in, as well as help you with your search. And when you return to, simply “login.”

But wait. There’s more. By signing up, you also become a member of the BioCycle online community, with privileges to comment on articles and interact with other readers. And the more of you who join in, the more we can network and learn from each other, ultimately growing our community’s reach and impact.

So here’s the bottom line. Use us! Put to work for you.

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