Breaking News: Ohio State University Expands Organics Recycling

Since February 2010, The Ohio State University Sustainability Coordinator Corey Hawkey has worked to expand and enhance the institution’s recycling program, including diversion of food residuals from campus cafeterias, the 102,329-seat Ohio Stadium and for one-time events — for which the school has developed a Zero Waste Event Service. Food scraps go to one of two local composters — Price Farms Organics takes care of the stadium and whatever else gets composted goes to Ohio Mulch — or to a nearby anaerobic digester (AD) designed, built, owned and operated by quasar energy group in partnership with Kurtz Bros., Inc., a landscaping and organics recycling company.

To date, about 238 tons of organics have been sent to the digester and about 1,400 tons have been sent to the two composting facilities.

Read more in the September, 2012 issue of BioCycle.

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