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BioCycle March 2013, Vol. 54, No. 3, p. 64

Home Composter

Toter home composter

Toter home composter

Toter, a division of Wastequip, introduced a continuous flow home composting unit. The Toter composter loads from the top and finished material fall into the holding chamber below by turning a handle. An internal aeration chimney facilitates flow of air throughout the material. The unit is wheeled, allowing users to move it to where finished compost is needed. The composter comes fully-assembled and includes a kitchen countertop container for food scraps. 

Digester Agitators

SUMA has developed new designs for its three-bladed propellers on all its submersible motor agitators and side entry mixers for anaerobic digesters. New blade geometry improves flow velocity as well as thrust and circulation performance, according to the company, leading to shorter mixing times and the ability to break up crusts more quickly. Other benefits cited by SUMA are more even temperatures throughout the digester, and the ability to use smaller motors, given the blades’ increased efficiency. 

Double Trommel

Terra Select Inc. DT-5 double trommel screen

Terra Select Inc. DT-5 double trommel screen

Terra Select Inc. introduced the DT-5 double trommel screen, with three fraction separation and a drum-in-drum style, to the U.S. market in January. The inner drum is plate steel with a thickness of 3/8-inch; the outer drum has interchangeable segments. The horizontal drum, with a spiral inside that moves the material forward, has a length of 15-feet and a diameter of 7-ft 3-in (outer drum) and 5-ft 3-in (inner drum). Throughput rate is approximately 130 yd3/hr; fuel consumption is about 2.1 gal/hr. It is also possible to use this machine as a normal two fraction trommel screen. 

Screening Wet Materials

The newly enhanced TR521 trommel screen by Wildcat, a Vermeer Company, is now available with a Tier 4i engine with 110 horsepower and additional features designed to process mulch, compost and green waste material with high moisture content. A new feature on the TR521 is quick-change screens, which aids in processing a wide range of materials that require different screen sizes. Screen panels are tensioned to add rigidity and allow use of a smaller gauge or diameter wire. This increases the screening area, a benefit when working with wet materials. The TR521 has a 5-yd3 hopper and is capable of producing up to 150 yd3/hour of consistent, quality material.

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