Exhibitor Directory: BioCycle West Coast Conference Marketplace

Meet the vendors showcasing their equipment and services on April 9 and 10 at the 27th Annual BioCycle West Coast Conference in San Diego, California.

BioCycle March 2013, Vol. 54, No. 3, p. 55

A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.
A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. is a US Composting Council STA testing laboratory, and an accredited environmental testing laboratory. The laboratory can test feedstocks and composts at all stages of composting for all the required testing parameters.

ALLU Group, Inc
ALLU screeners and crushers process materials such as topsoil, peat, contaminated soil, food waste, compost, bark, demolition waste, etc. The ALLU can be mounted on a skid steer, backhoe, excavator, or wheel loader. It can be pin or quick-attach mounted and operates from the base machine’s standard third valve hydraulic system. ALLU AS 38H Windrow Turner is a track driven diesel engine powered straddle style machine designed to windrow, mix, aerate compost or contaminated soil with minimum fuel consumption due to the low RPM mixing drum.

Amadas Industries
Amadas Industries manufactures industrial equipment for the horticultural and recycling industries that includes bagging machines and screens. Its main product line includes pull-type and self-propelled peanut combines, peanut diggers, traveler irrigators, cotton stalk puller/choppers and edible bean combines.

Anaergia Inc
Anaergia Inc. is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions for the generation of renewable energy and the conversion of waste to resources. Through its subsidiaries, Anaergia is entrusted by more than 1,600 operational renewable energy projects globally. Anaergia operates out of 16 offices globally across North America, Europe and Asia.

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.
Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. has developed an advanced new bio-catalytic green chemistry that offers the highest performance standards in odor control, accelerated composting rates, anaerobic digestion optimization, and improved wastewater treatment. Products are successfully deployed in municipal solid waste and wastewater facilities, large agricultural composting operations, garbage dumpsters and trucks, and in ecological animal care. Bio-Organic Catalyst advanced bio-catalytic compositions provide immediate results, are completely safe and nontoxic, and naturally restore the underlying biological conditions essential to optimizing waste conversion operations.

Biogas & Electric
Biogas & Electric has developed NOxRx, an emissions control solution for stationary biogas engines. Unlike catalytic solutions, NOxRx does not require H2S reduction prior to combustion. NOxRx has a low cost and efficiently reduces NOx and SOx emissions.

BKT provides biological wastewater treatment, membrane filtration, and energy solutions to clients, including many global Fortune 500 companies. BKT serves the industrial, municipal, livestock, biogas and wastewater fields with biological, filtration/separation, and energy efficient technologies. BKT is the first company to successfully implement full-scale digestate treatment utilizing membrane technology for nutrient recovery. Established in 1995 as a water technology company in South Korea, BKT expanded globally in 2008 as a water and energy engineering company, now with 89 patented technologies, offering reliable and cost-effective engineering services. U.S. headquarters are located in Southern California.

CBI West
CBI West provides portable and stationary biomass recovery and recycling solutions, with emphasis on minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput. The Magnum Force Series grinders and chippers handle demanding materials and applications in the forestry, construction and demolition debris, MSW, befoul power generation, pulp and saw mills, mulch, landscaping, and yard waste markets. CBI West’s product line also includes the Grizzly Mill, Wood Waste Hog, the Annihilator, Stationary Screening Systems, Stump Shears, and Log and Stump Screws.

Construction Equipment Company (CEC) manufactures world class equipment for the organics and recycling market in addition to the aggregate industry. CEC is a U.S. company headquartered for 30 plus years in Tualatin, Oregon. From the 6 x16 Screen-It, equipped with a ball deck cleaning system, to the Separate-It rock/wood separator, to a full line of picking stations CEC has the solutions to increase your product quality and production rates. More importantly CEC has an experienced team of personnel that understands your business and what it takes to succeed. Our team is based throughout the country with knowledge of local markets.

Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC is an environmental engineering consulting and field service firm dedicated to providing services to the solid waste industry and commercial and industrial clients throughout the nation. The firm is founded by industry leaders who have helped to develop and shape solid waste, energy and environmental technology over the past 30 years. Services include landfill engineering, site and civil design; environmental, remediation, hydrogeology, air quality, and biogas services; transfer, recycling, and processing facilities; and operations and maintenance. Cornerstone assists solid waste and agricultural waste managers’ transition to effective resource management, incorporating alternative organics management to generate renewable products.

Cryovac /Sealed Air Corp
For more than half a century, the Cryovac brand food packaging business of Sealed Air Corporation has been developing technologies to keep food fresh, better tasting and more accessible. NatureTRAY brand products are made from Ingeo, a domestically produced, renewable material, and are certified by BPI and Cedar Grove as compostable in municipal or industrial facilities. Use of these trays may facilitate collection of food waste.

Delta Instrument LLC
Delta Instrument provides on-line instrumentation and related services to the Process Measurement, Emissions and Combustion Control Industries. Constantly evolving technologies allow industrial users to measure their process with increased accuracy. Delta Instrument LLC differentiates itself from its competitors through its high levels of personalized customer service and support and ability to provide standard or customized solutions to specific measurement requirements.

Doppstadt US
Doppstadt US offers a full line of portable slow-speed shredders, high-speed grinders, trommel screens, star screens, whole tree chippers, sorting stations and conveyors in addition to stationary electric material processing and recycling systems. Built with precision German engineering, our products significantly reduce your operation and maintenance costs resulting in overall net gain from your equipment investment, all with a team you can rely on. The product line is supported throughout the U.S. with a network of distributors providing local sales, parts and service. Visit our website to find your dealer and waste management solution.

As a leading provider of innovative dairy manure handling equipment through North America, DariTech Inc. is bringing its products to the environmental field through DT-Environmental (DTE). With the Enviro-Drum, food and other organic wastes can be handled in a controlled environment. With the proper mixing and aeration, the composting process can be greatly accelerated, leading to reduced land and storage requirements and lower manpower and other operating costs.

EcoSafe Zero Waste
EcoSafe Zero Waste produces and distributes products including Certified Compostable bags and liners and organic waste collection bins in support of zero waste strategies of companies and communities.

Eisenmann Corporation
Eisenmann is a leading international supplier of environmental, renewable energy and manufacturing systems technology. For 60 years, they have offered some of the most advanced process and environmental solutions as well as comprehensive service programs that provide industry leading performance and eliminate costly downtime for industrial plants around the world.

Engineered Compost Systems
ECS is a mechanical, electrical and software engineering firm dedicated to the composting industry. We design and manufacture In-vessel and Aerated Static Pile (ASP) compost systems, and provide a wide range of technical services, process components, and system configurations. ECS compost systems — designed for composting a broad range of organic feedstocks — control odors and VOC emissions; comply with stringent health and environmental regulations; and conserve electrical power. ECS is a good match for clients requiring services and systems for: Upgrading existing composting facilities; Planning/building new facilities; Handling specialty wastes such as biosolids and other industrial organics.

entec Biogas USA
Offered through a teaming agreement, Layne Christensen Company of Mission Woods, Kansas and entec biogas gmbh of Fussach, Austria, have partnered together as entec biogas USA. We concentrate on the design and construction of mid and large-scale biogas plants and have significant experience with a wide range of applications: agriculture industry, food and biowaste collecting and processing companies, food production industry (solid waste/wastewater), abattoirs, rendering plants, distilleries, bioethanol and biodiesel producers, and municipal digester plants. Projects are delivered in a performance based EPC package.

FAN Separator USA/Bauer North America
The Fan Press Screw Separator (PSS) is an excellent machine made for separation of suspended solids from liquids and sludges. With its compact design, it is easy to install and simple to maintain. Various models in stainless steel and cast iron are available. Different heavy-duty gearbox motors, ranging from 4 kW to 30 kW, drive the rotating shaft inside of the screw press. Depending on the application, capacities between 5 and 350 cubic meters can be achieved (between 10 and 50 tons of dry solids). The inflow can have a very low solid concentration with less than 1% dry matter (dm), or more than 20% dm; separated solids dry matter can be up to 65%. The screen slot size ranges between 0.1 mm and 1.0 mm. After the PSS, a centrifuge classifier separator might be useful to achieve further treatment of the wastewater.

Filtrexx International
Filtrexx is a proven technology that can be used in 100 sediment and erosion control applications, as well as agricultural applications. Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ and GardenSoxx® use locally made, annually renewable, biobased, recycled compost and other organic products, in a USA manufactured mesh containment system. Applications include storm water filtration, soil erosion and storm water reduction, vegetation establishment and sustainability applications, gardening and agriculture, and gardens in education. Add value to your compost brand with Filtrexx products. Visit www.filtrexx.com and www.gardensoxx.com or call 440-926-2607 for more information.

Green Mountain Technologies, Inc.
Green Mountain Technologies (GMT) has been developing and manufacturing innovative composting equipment for over 20 years for food waste, biosolids and agricultural applications. GMT manufactures a complete line of in-vessel composting equipment from the Earth Tub and Earth Flow systems for on-site composting to the Containerized Compost System for municipalities and waste haulers. GMT also provides static pile aeration control and aeration systems for large centralized facilities as well as temperature monitoring equipment and management software for permit compliance and process control. For more information call (800) 610-7291 or visit our website at www.compostingtechnology.com.

HCL’s compost turners are heavy-duty machines, designed to provide years of dependable service. Each part has been rigorously tested, and the end product is a rugged and dependable machine.

HotRot Organic Solutions NZ Ltd
HotRot Organic Solutions is a New Zealand-based company that manufactures, sells and supports the HotRot continuous in-vessel composting system. HotRot units are used at 22 sites in 10 countries for processing organic waste (resources). HotRot is a fully enclosed high-rate in-vessel composting system. HotRot is the only composting technology to offer a contractual OdourFree Guarantee. For more details contact: Dr Peter Robinson, Marketing Manager, P: (+643) 377 8822, M: (+64) 21 609 841, E: robinson@hotrotsolutions.com.

Komptech USA
Komptech develops solutions and manufactures machinery and systems for treatment of waste and biomass. Customer value is the focal point of our collective action as we strive to be the technological leader through our continual innovation. Komptech strives for long-term and mutually successful partnerships with our customers backed by actions oriented towards ethical principles.

KSB, Inc.
KSB, with a long tradition in mixers and agitators, is known for its innovative solutions and is a leader in energy efficiency. KSB reduces the energy consumption of biogas plants using highly efficient submersible mixers and pumps. Our low-speed submersible agitators are ideally suited for biogas facilities. Together, our pumps and mixers ensure smooth substrate handling and trouble-free process in the connected combined heat and power plants. Pumps, valves and services from KSB are key to responsible water and wastewater handling. From transport and treatment to disposal, KSB’s quality water and wastewater pumps and mixers operate with complete reliability.

Managed Organic Recycling, Inc.
Managed Organic Recycling, Inc. provides equipment and engineering to the composting and waste management industries and specializes in the aerated static pile composting method utilizing breathable membrane covers for both Odor and VOC reduction and control.

Novamont North America, Inc.
Novamont is one of the world’s leading producers of certified compostable biopolymers. Since 1989, its family of Mater-Bi resins have been used worldwide to produce compostable products like bags, liners and food service ware that are essential for the effective separation, collection and composting of organic waste. Novamont’s mission is to find solutions to environmental problems, encouraging the transition from a product-based economy to a system-based economy: Innovative products made with renewable agricultural materials, which return to the soil to complete the carbon cycle.

Octaform Systems Inc.
Octaform is a PVC, stay-in-place concrete forming system that is ideal for the intense demands of an anaerobic digester. Tanks built with Octaform are watertight, corrosion-resistant and assembled quickly without heavy equipment or specialized labor. See: info.octaform.com/biogas.

Odotech Inc.
Odotech is an environmental company with a patented electronic nose specializing in the measurement and monitoring of odors at wastewater treatment plants, composting sites, landfills, rendering plants and industrial odor producing plants. The system alerts operators when odors begin to reach threshold values, enabling them to proactively respond before an odor problem occurs. As the population grows, moving close to odor emitting sites, the need for odor management will grow exponentially. Odotech also provides odor audit and studies, dispersion modelling reports and consulting. Odotech is the leader in odor monitoring and has over 90 installations worldwide.

OpenCEL is a cell lysis technology used in sludge pretreatment and nutrient removal in both anaerobic and aerobic digestion. Benefits are reduced biosolids, and in the anaerobic application, up to 60% increased biogas production. Other benefits are reduction of foaming, odors, pathogens, sludge viscosity and siloxanes. Opencel also can be used to liberate carbon from sludge for denitrification. OpenCEL technology uses a Focused Pulse of electricity to achieve electroporation, which in turn allows simple osmosis to achieve lysis. There are no moving parts, no chemical feed, and no operator attention needed. OpenCEL is a Division of Trojan Technologies.

ORBIS Corporation
Choose from ORBIS plastic curbside collection recycling boxes, organic recycling bins, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel and the Earth Machine™ Backyard Compost Bin to improve recycling rates, conserve natural resources and help the environment. These products have been preferred by municipalities and haulers in the United States, Canada and beyond for decades. ORBIS understands how recycling and diversion programs work. Our team of experts works with municipalities and haulers to identify recycling/diversion goals and assist in planning curbside recycling or diversion programs to meet the needs of businesses and residents. For more information, please visit www.orbiscorporation.com.

Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Company
Pacific Recycle is an equipment dealer with over 25 years of experience in materials processing and handling as well as the organics recycling industries. Utilizing the products we represent, the company is able to assist customers in selecting the “right” piece of equipment for their needs. Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Co. sells equipment manufactured by McCloskey International Ltd., Scarab Manufacturing, Hawker Corporation Airlift Separators and Badger Shredding Products.

Pacific Tank Solutions
Pacific Tank Solutions (PTS) is a full service storage solutions provider for the renewable energy market serving the West Coast. PTS takes a consultative approach to meeting storage needs with services including design/engineering, preliminary/final budgeting, construction, customer service and support. Tank materials include Glass-Fused-to-Steel, which is the most economical tank to own, maintain and operate. PTS also provides epoxy, stainless steel and galvanized tanks. Covers include aluminum domes, steel roofs and flexible membranes. With PTS extensive experience in the design/construction of storage tanks/covers, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide best-of-class, low maintenance digester structures that provide longevity and rapid ROI.

Peterson Pacific Corp.
Peterson specializes in developing delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products. Since 1982 Peterson has manufactured equipment for customers in over 20 countries. Its worldwide distributors provide parts and service for the products. Peterson now represents Terra Select, a manufacturer of trommel screens, star screens and air separators in both portable and stationary configurations. The portable trommel screens range from a 5-ft-3-inch diameter by 9-ft-10-inch length drum to 7-ft-3-inch diameter by 24-ft-7-inch length trommel drum size. Stationary trommels are available in even larger sizes. Terra Select trommel screens are available in diesel, electric or as a diesel/electric hybrid.

REOTEMP Instruments
REOTEMP has been manufacturing compost probes for over 20 years in the USA! Our products include compost thermometers, oxygen probes, moisture meters, data loggers, and wireless temperature monitoring systems (EcoProbes). Stop by to discuss your compost monitoring needs.

Rotochopper, Inc.
Rotochopper, Inc. manufacturers an extensive lineup of grinding equipment that transforms wood waste, agricultural residue, and asphalt shingle waste into colored landscape mulch, biomass fuel, compost, animal bedding, and hot mix asphalt supplement (from shingles). Every Rotochopper grinder is designed with one very simple goal — maximizing the value of your raw materials by producing your engineered fibers at the lowest cost. The Rotochopper equipment line-up includes mobile bagging systems, wood chip processors, asphalt shingle grinders, hammermills and horizontal grinders.

Scarab Manufacturing & Leasing, LLC
SCARAB is celebrating over 40 years of manufacturing the industry standard in compost windrow turners. Our machines and longevity speak for themselves. We manufacture a reliable and heavy-duty turner built specifically for each customer’s needs in a variety of sizes (8-foot to 27-foot models) and options. SCARAB turners are matched with superior customer service and parts availability that you can trust. Like us on Facebook and visit us at www.scarabmfg.com.

Scott Equipment Company
Scott Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer and global provider of custom processing equipment and continues to be on the forefront of anaerobic digestion and food separation technology. Scott Equipment manufactures the Turbo Separator, a unique machine used to separate product contents from cans, packages, cartons or grocery waste, and allows for up to 99% product recovery. It can also be used to power screen products to reduce particle size by utilizing adjustable speeds and screen size variations. In addition, Scott Equipment designs and manufactures batch, as well as continuous, mixers and blenders, coolers for ground material, crushers, and Smooth Wall Storage Bins.

SUMA America Inc.
SUMA provides reliable, low maintenance, high capacity submersible and nonsubmersible agitators and PTO driven “stick” mixers using the latest technologies and innovations. SUMA has specialized in agitators for biogas, liquid manure and wastewater agitators since 1957. SUMA provides high performance, modular and custom solutions to fit your needs. Dedication, knowledge and experience coupled with in-house design and manufacturing make SUMA one of the most agile companies in the business. The success that SUMA enjoys is based on the satisfaction of its customers; their success goes hand-in-hand with our task of manufacturing mixing solutions.

Terra Nova
Terra Nova is a manufacturer of biostimulants and consortia that increase methane output in anaerobic digestors and landfills while reducing sludge, BOD, TSS, FOG, fiber, odor, bulking and foaming. In addition to products for anaerobic reactors, Terra Nova has biological technologies for lagoons, septic systems, activated sludge, sewer lines and manholes.

US Composting Council
The US Composting Council (USCC) is the only national organization dedicated to the advancement of the compost manufacturing industry. The USCC is involved in the expansion of compost markets, promotion of compost use, research, training, public education and development of compost standards and policy positions on critical issues facing the industry. The USCC provides resources, educational materials, training, networking and career advancement opportunities for all those affiliated with the composting and organics recycling industry. USCC members include compost manufacturers, organic residues generators, policy makers, regulators, equipment manufacturers, product suppliers, academic institutions, public agencies, nonprofit groups and consulting/engineering firms.

Vaughan Company, Inc.
For over 52 years Vaughan Company has been a leader in quality and service in the pumping industry. We specialize in process mixing systems, biowaste, as well as fats, oils and grease recycling. Vaughan’s Rotamix® Process Mixing System is today’s most cost effective means of mechanical jet mixing, consisting of an engineered arrangement of floor mounted nozzles fed by a Vaughan® chopper pump. Continuously chopped solids not only eliminate nozzle clogging, but enhance sludge quality. Vaughan promises the best not only in product design, reliability, dependability and availability, but also in service and support, to assure the lowest in Life Cycle Costs.

Vermeer manufactures a full line of compost turners, horizontal grinders, tub grinders and trommel screens that are built to last and fully supported with parts and service from your local dealer.

Increase gas output while reducing residual solids! Vogelsang provides mixing, pumping, solids reduction and sludge lysing products for biogas production. EnergyJet & QuickMix provide precision coferment mixing of silage and slurry for maximum gas output. BioCrack high voltage sludge lysing increases gas yield by enhancing the fermentation process. RotaCut removes hard heavy objects from the stream and conditions sludge for optimum gas output. VX Series Rotary Lobe pumps provide smooth pulsation-free flow of viscous slurry. Vogelsang offers manifold piping systems that allow one pump to feed and recirculate multiple digesters with a single pumping station.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
GORE® Cover is a low cost solution to build and operate with the highest level of performance for odor/emission reduction while producing high quality compost in just a few short weeks. GORE® Cover has experience with over 200 installations in more than 27 countries for treating organic waste including green waste, food waste, manures, anaerobic digestate and biosolids. GORE® Cover technology is also used for MSW stabilization and bio-drying. Our technology meets strict California VOC emission reduction standards and is 503 compliant for producing class A biosolids compost. To learn more, call 410-506-5041 or gorecover@wlgore.com.

Western Energy Systems
Western Energy System is the distributor for GE Jenbacher gaseous-fueled engines from 335 kW to 4.4 MW, covering the West Coast and Alaska and Hawaii. We maintain 81 operating engines in various applications including biogas, landfill gas as well as fuel blending systems with natural gas. Western Energy Systems provides engineering, systems integration, equipment, and commissioning services.

Yield Energy Inc.
Yield Energy is a renewable energy company offering design, build and operation of biogas plants. The company focuses on strategic partnerships and work in municipal, commercial and agricultural sectors. Yield’s unique pretreatment technology, the FITEC system, can handle any type of contaminated organic waste stream. A wide range of products and services are offered in our Dr. Digester program including: feasibility studies, feedstock management, biological stability modeling, daily plant optimization and support, trace element formulation and supply, digestion catalysts, biomethane potential, complete feedstock and digestate analysis.

Zero Waste Energy
Zero Waste Energy, LLC (ZWE) was founded in 2009 in San Jose, California by an experienced group of innovative solid waste industry leaders who recognized the value of highest and best use of waste feedstock to generate renewable energy. ZWE’s principal goal has been to design, construct and retrofit (where applicable) and operate solid waste handling and advanced composting facilities that optimize waste diversion and the generation of renewable energy in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. ZWE Engineering and Construction, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a fully licensed California engineering and engineering construction contractor that provides project execution work for ZWE. Collectively, ZWE’s management team has more than 100 years of experience in solid waste, recycling, composting and biogas recovery.


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