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BioCycle September 2013, Vol. 54, No. 9, p. 72

Gas Generator Sets

Bettencourt Dairies in Filer, Idaho is using Northern Biogas anaerobic digesters to capture nearly 40,000 tons/year of methane from dairy manure supplied by three dairy farms. The biogas fuels two CAT 3520C gas generator sets, installed and supported by Western States Company, a CAT Dealer. The generators produce 4 MW of power to heat the dairy’s digesters and supply electricity to the local grid.

West Salem Disc Screen

West Salem Machinery's WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen

West Salem Machinery’s WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen

West Salem Machinery (WSM) introduced the WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen to deliver high capacity “fines” screening. The screen utilizes multiple roll screening decks that agitate and tumble the mat of material being screened as it falls from level to level. The tumbling movement is similar to a waterfall in that the mat is blended as it falls and fine particles that were in the upper portion have a chance to be screened on the lower deck. To make this possible, the WSM Waterfall™ Disc Screen utilizes a tight spacing between discs, allowing a variety of fiber materials (bark, chips, sawdust, shavings, hogged wood, compost) to be sorted by size (thickness and length). Fine particles pass between the discs, while oversize pieces are retained above. The screens are available in multiple sizes, with widths from 48- to 84-inches and lengths to 20 feet.

SUMA Agitator Gearing Options

SUMA Rührtechnik GMbH Optimix 2G digester tank agitator

SUMA Rührtechnik GMbH Optimix 2G digester tank agitator

SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH has introduced two gearing options with propeller speeds of 280 or 380 rpm for its Optimix 2G digester tank agitator. The result is an increase in pumping rates. For example, the 9 kW agitator with 280 rpm gearing increased the pumping rate by 40 percent; the 15 kW agitator with the 280 rpm gearing had a 64 percent increase. Another advantage is that the Optimix 2G can operate in tanks containing higher dry matter content, making the agitator more flexible in terms of use.

OWS Dranco Digesters In Europe

Organic Waste Systems, Inc. (OWS) has started or is building a number of new DRANCO digesters over the past year. Last July, a facility that treats 57,000 tons/year of the mechanically separated organic fraction of residual waste started operating in Wijster, The Netherlands. A second digester is in the start-up phase at the same site and is expected to produce about 3.6 million m2 of biogas/year from 40,000 tons of source separated biowaste. Other DRANCO plants in start-up or construction are located in Mirandela, Portugal, and Bourg-en-Bresse and Chagny in France.

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