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BioCycle October 2013, Vol. 54, No. 10, p. 48

Filtrexx biodegradable filter socks

Filtrexx biodegradable filter socks

Biodegradable Filtrexx Sock

Filtrexx International has seen increasing market demand for a biodegradable mesh filter sock made from natural fiber. As a result, Filtrexx recently introduced the Biodegradable Cotton Soxx™. The company explored using burlap or one of several other natural fiber products already available, but they all proved to be impractical for the manufacturing or installing of Filtrexx® Soxx™. “They were too expensive, too rigid and difficult to work with, and/or they simply did not meet federal specifications for compost filter socks,” says Rod Tyler, founder and CEO of Filtrexx International. “We sought to engineer a biodegradable cotton product that had the necessary flexibility, strength, and durability while meeting the flow through rate required by the specifications.” Biodegradable Cotton Soxx is available prefilled on pallets at the same sizes and prices as the original SiltSoxx™. It is also available on rucks.

Vermeer Phases Out Wildcat Name

Vermeer Corporation is withdrawing the Vermeer by Wildcat™ brand name from production and marketing. The process will transition the Vermeer by Wildcat brand products — including trommel screens and compost turners — to Vermeer brand products. Vermeer acquired an initial ownership stake in Wildcat in 2007 and acquired the remaining ownership interest in 2009. As part of the transition, the manufacturing facility known as Wildcat Mfg. Co., Inc., located in Freeman, South Dakota, will change its name to Vermeer Freeman Manufacturing, Inc. (VFM). In addition, trommel screens and compost turners will now be available exclusively through the Vermeer dealer channel.

BioMRF In-Vessel Composting

BioMRF has introduced its Ecomaster Biotunnel System, a modular composting technology, to the North American and Caribbean markets. The company offers, under a license agreement with Atzwanger, full service, including design, construction and plant start-up to recycling firms, municipal authorities and waste generators. BioMRF also can provide training, plant operation, remote monitoring and assistance in marketing the compost product.

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