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BioCycle November 2013, Vol. 54, No. 11, p. 48

Doppstadt Shredder-Grinder

Doppstadt DZ 750 Kombi shredder-grinder

Doppstadt DZ 750 Kombi shredder-grinder

Ecoverse Industries, North American distributor and manufacturer of recycling equipment, including Doppstadt, announced delivery of the DZ 750 Kombi “2 in 1” to the North American marketplace. The Doppstadt unit features a slow-speed shredder on the front end and a high-speed grinder on the back end, all in one self-contained unit, enabling efficient production of a finished product from even the roughest of infeed materials. “The large permanent magnet removes foreign materials before they can enter the high-speed grinder for extra protection,” notes Shane Donnelly, General Manager of DoppstadtUS. “Preshredding is carried out by the sound single-shaft principle and the hydraulically controlled shredding comb. Grinding is carried out by a fast-running flail drum with free-swinging tools.”

ALLU Screening Bucket

ALLU Group Inc. introduced the new DL Screening buckets designed specifically for use with compact base machines such as mini excavators, small wheel loaders, skid steers and backhoes. Operators can switch screen sizes ranging from 5/8 inch, 1.25 inches and 2 inches by changing out the screen and hammers. The DL Screening bucket is engineered to screen, mix, aerate and load topsoil, peat and compost. The core of the new bucket is a unique top screen where the screening hammers spin between the screen comb. This design makes the buckets clog-free, ensuring good production and throughput even with wet materials. A case drain line is not required for operation, enabling the bucket to be attached and used immediately. The buckets are available in three models: DL 2-09, DL 2-12 and DL 2-17.

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