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BioCycle March/April 2014, Vol. 55, No. 3, p. 88
Neuenhauser 3F Portable Star Screen

Neuenhauser 3F Portable Star Screen

Portable Star Screen

Neuenhauser North American introduced the Neuenhauser 3F portable star screen equipped with two separate star screen decks, a 22-foot fines deck and a 12-foot midsize deck. Various sized star decks can be fitted to produce different sized finished products as the application demands; the stars themselves can be manufactured from rubber or polyurethane and have optional self-cleaning hammers. Features for the composting industry include treated acid proof belts, severe duty air cleaner and reversible clean fix radiator. Production rates of 500 plus yards per hour are possible.

Waste Diversion Products

EcoVision Environmental assists cities and businesses with programs designed to achieve high waste diversion goals. Founded by Doug Hill, EcoVision Environmental has partnered with manufacturers that provide a unique array of products for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial  sectors that maximize capture and participation rates and minimize contamination.

Organics Bioextruder

The Promeco Bioextruder, coupled with a PLC control system, can be used to preprocess organic waste materials with varied size, moisture content, density and composition for composting and anaerobic digestion (AD). Output product is a feedstock of reduced particle size and high surface area ready to be biodegraded. Typical production varies between 25 and 40 cubic meters/hour.

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