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BioCycle May 2014, Vol. 55, No. 4, p. 48
Ecoverse Industries' Tiger HS 640 depackaging system

Ecoverse Industries’ Tiger HS 640 depackaging system


Food Waste Depackager

Ecoverse Industries has introduced its Tiger HS 640 depackaging system that separates organics from almost all kinds of packaging, and then can add water to ensure the right consistency of the feedstock stream for an anaerobic digester. Materials are loaded into a hopper equipped with an auger that opens the packaging and feeds the material into a mill that rotates at 900 rpm. Packaging and other contaminants are discharged. Organic material passes through a half-inch fine mesh screen The Tiger HS 640 can process 10 to 12 tons/hour of packaged food waste.

Food Waste Lifter, Collection Container

Perkins Manufacturing’s new Model D6565 Food Waste Lifter is designed for emptying carts weighing up to 500 lbs. The D6565 lifts the cart over the edge of the bin first, then rotates it, ensuring all liquids flow into the bin. It is fully compatible with ANSI Type B carts. Perkins also introduced a new design for its Satellite Lifter System that utilizes a sealed lid (instead of a tarp) for food waste loads. The system is mounted into the bed of any standard 8-foot pick-up truck, enabling collection of food waste in areas that are hard to access with a larger truck, or for settings, such as a resort, where smaller volumes of food waste are generated.

Membrane Covers

Managed Organic Recycling’s (MOR) ePTFE membrane covers, when operated and managed according to MOR’s specifications, meets both U.S. EPA’s Rule 503.32 Appendix B (Aerated Static Pile Composting without a one foot layer of finished compost on top of the pile) and San Joaquin Valley (CA) Air Pollution Control District’s rules for VOC reduction (at least 80 percent). MOR’s system has a positive aeration system and an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) micropore compost cover that controls VOCs.

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