Editorial: Use Us!

Nora Goldstein, Editor, BioCycle

Nora Goldstein
BioCycle June 2014, Vol. 55, No. 5, p. 4

About a year ago, we started overtly branding BioCycle as the Organics Recycling Authority. It is a fact: BioCycle is the only magazine focusing on organics recycling for 55 years — and holding conferences on the topic since 1971. Making the claim that we are the Organics Recycling Authority is something we take very seriously. That is why BioCycle invests heavily in gathering and communicating high quality information, collecting data and building strong relationships across the municipal, agricultural, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. We are in daily contact with new and operating organics recycling, composting and renewable energy projects and programs, technology providers, public officials, regulators, consulting engineers, organic waste generators, educators, researchers.

Two years ago, in the July 2012 issue of BioCycle, I wrote an editorial with the same title, “Use Us!” Our new website had been launched, designed to showcase BioCycle’s extensive online content and photos, keep readers informed about breaking news and provide instant access to articles in the current issue as well as from our robust archives. Those archives include every issue of BioCycle since January 2004. So let’s do the math. That is over 10 years, with thousands of articles and news items available. These include project profiles, hundreds of how-to articles on composting and anaerobic digestion facility management and end product marketing, strategies to source separate, collect and transport food scraps and other organics, facility financing, siting and permitting, public outreach and education, public policies that support organics recycling — just to name a few!

The entire database of articles published in BioCycle for the last 10 years is only accessible with a paid subscription to the magazine. For those of you whom are not official subscribers, take a moment to sign up at www.biocycle.net. A subscription includes the printed magazine and access to all on-line content. Later this year, BioCycle will be offering webinars and subscribers will get a discount to these events. And be sure you sign up for @BioCycle, our free, biweekly e-newsletter that provides breaking news as well as previews of upcoming BioCycle articles. In addition, BioCycle editors and contributors give their take on current organics recycling issues, providing analysis of the latest news.

This year also marks the first time that BioCycle’s annual Equipment and Services Directory is exclusively online on www.biocycle.net. Growth in organics recycling — across all sectors — has led to a continuous flow of new systems, components and services. In short, this is a dynamic marketplace that is best served by a dynamic directory tool that is updated continuously.

Indeed, BioCycle is the Organics Recycling Authority. We are the go-to source, and have been for 55 years. Join us, www.biocycle.net AND Use Us!


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