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BioCycle June 2014, Vol. 55, No. 5, p. 64
Komptech Chippo drum chipper

Komptech Chippo drum chipper


Contrary Protection On Drum Chipper

Komptech recently introduced an optional rotor with rotating blade mounting for its mobile Chippo drum chipper. The blade mountings are held in place by shear bolts. With the optional rotor, a contrary (such as a large stone or big piece of metal) exceeding the design capacity causes the bolt to break, allowing the entire blade mounting to rotate into the rotor and protecting it from further damage. “In combination with economical quick-replacement blades, this protects the entire chipping unit from large contraries as well as smaller, wear-causing impurities like stones and other soil components,” notes Komptech.

Modular Ad System

Impact Bioenergy, LLC was awarded a patent for a small-scale anaerobic digester. The system is designed to generate 2.35 million British thermal units (Mmbtu) of energy (227 kWh) and 8 cubic feet of finished compost per ton of waste input. The footprint of the totally enclosed system takes 6 sq ft of ground space per ton of input.

Guide To Designing Structures

The BuildWorks’ 2014 MegaDome Design Guide reviews the many interrelated factors that feed into a decision about which structure to purchase, including physical space requirements (length, width and height), building use, engineering constraints and budget. The guide takes customers through the design and planning process, including actual construction. The BWORXX Group also includes the AirFloor for aerated static pile or windrow composting facilities.

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