About BioCycle Buyer’s Guide

BioCycle’s Equipment and Systems Directory is our guide to equipment and services for the composting, anaerobic digestion and organics recycling industries. It is available online exclusively. Growth in organics recycling — across the municipal, commercial, institutional, agricultural and industrial sectors — has led to a continuous flow of new systems, components and services. In short, this is a dynamic marketplace that is best served by a dynamic directory tool that is updated continuously. Between BioCycle Magazine and BioCycle Conferences, BioCycle staff are constantly interacting with new and existing companies offering products and systems for organics collection and transport, size reduction, depackaging, contaminant removal, composting and anaerobic digestion, solids separation and dewatering, biogas capture and conditioning, power production and heat recovery, screening and bagging. In addition, there are tools for monitoring and process control, compostable products, covers for composting piles, compost spreaders, carbon credit aggregators and providers of services to manage facilities and market finished products.

Once a year, BioCycle editors review all listings and Buyer’s Guide categories. Together, with BioCycle readers, advertisers, BioCycle Conference exhibitors and Directory sponsors, we are growing the composting, anaerobic digestion and organics recycling industries, converting organics into high value products that build healthy soils, power and fuel our communities, conserve water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs and sustainable enterprises.

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