This all day event brings together composters to network, share best practices, and build support for community scale composting systems and enterprises.

when: Saturday, October 25
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
where: Rita Church Community Center at Clifton Park
2101 St. Lo Drive, Baltimore, MD 21213



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Community Composting Articles


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Registration fee: $35

Registration deadline: October 20, 2014

Click the link above to register securely via credit card on the BioCycle site.

If you prefer to pay via check, click here for a registration form in PDF format. This form can be submitted via fax or mail (more info on form).

Or call to register:
610-967-4135 x 21

Cultivating Community Composting 2014 is designed to maximize information exchange and networking, Lunch and a tour of the Real Food Farm's on-site composting and farm are included.

Registration fee: $35



9:15–10:00 AM  


10:00 –10:15 AM  

Overview and Who's Here?

10:15–10:30 AM  

Forum Keynote

Essential Attributes Of Community Composting

10:30–11:30 AM  

Profiles In Community Composting

11:30 AM–12:00 PM  

Ask The Community Composters

Financing, Leases and Land Access, Feedstock Sourcing, Permits, Zoning

12:00–12:45 PM  

Lunch and Networking; Tour of Clifton Mansion

12:45–1:30 PM  

Equipment, Systems And Composting Methods



1:30–2:30 PM  

Breakout Sessions


Breakout 1: Bike-Powered and "Cab" Collection Breakout 2: Organization/Enterprise Structure/Zoning Breakout 3: Integrating Farm/Community Garden & Community Composting Management

Breakout 4: Compost Training


2:30–3:15 PM  

Community Engagement

3:15–3:30 PM  


3:30–4:30 PM  

Overview, Tour of Real Food Farm

5:00 PM  

Social Gathering, Networking*

    *Location to be announced