• Volunteers assist with mixing foods scraps from New York City’s Greenmarkets with an equal amount of preblended carbon amendment to create an aerated static pile. Earth Matter NY cofounder Marisa DeDominicis in on right.

    Composting, Zero Waste On NYC’s Governors Island

    Earth Matter NY, located on Governors Island in New York Harbor, operates a Compost Learning Center, training programs, zero waste initiatives and a community composting site. Part V
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 35

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  • New properties within Denver Water’s service area are required to amend soils with 4 cy of compost/1,000 sq. ft. of permeable area to a depth of 6 inches.

    Ordinances To Amend Soils Boost Compost Demand

    Municipalities everywhere are realizing that some of the environmental issues they are grappling with locally
    may be mitigated by healthier soils.
    Rachel Cernansky
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 22

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  • Joanna Underwood & Matthew Tomich

    Commentary: Seize The RNG Transportation Fuel Opportunity

    Joanna Underwood and Matthew Tomich
    BioCycle Octoer 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 54

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  • Massachusetts permitted food waste processors

    Assessing Organics Processing Capacity In Massachusetts

    The state’s ban on disposal and combustion of commercial organics became effective October 1, 2014. Currently, approximately 49 permitted food waste processors have a combined capacity of 1,100 tons/day. Part I
    Zoë Neale
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 18

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  • Edward Niblock

    Commentary: Biogas And The November Election

    Ted Niblock
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 52

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  • Nora Goldstein, Editor, BioCycle

    Editorial: Talking Points

    Nora Goldstein
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 4

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  • The Residential Leaf Pick-Up Program takes place over four months, starting in October when trees first drop their leaves.

    Managing Fall Leaves In Victoria, British Columbia

    The City Parks Division has taken steps to reduce the carbon footprint of its annual leaf collection as well as expanded applications for finished compost and leaf mulch.
    Ken Hilchey
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 27

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  • Panorama Pay-Dirt processes fall leaves, wood chips and some poultry litter in windrows on roughly 20 acres of gently rolling hills.

    Leaf Composting Helps Preserve Family Farm

    What began with a contract to compost leaves from the City of Charlottesville, Virginia has evolved into a sustainable soil amendment products company.
    Ryan Cooper
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 30

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  • A Diamond Z tub grinder processes material after composting and before curing.

    Texas Company Bets On Quality Compost

    Entrepreneurs turned around a failing mulch grinding business and today operate several composting sites in the Houston, Texas region.
    Dan Emerson
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 32

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  • General awareness of what composting is and how compost can be used to beautify neighborhoods are significant benefits of residential food scraps drop-off programs, like this one at a New York City Greenmarket.

    Taking States’ Pulse On Residential Food Waste Collection

    State composting, recycling and/or solid waste officials provide perspectives on adoption of curbside collection and composting of source separated residential food scraps. Part I
    Rhodes Yepsen
    BioCycle October 2014, Vol. 55, No. 9, p. 39

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