Composting Facility Operator Manual

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$80.00 (USD)

John Paul & Dieter Geesing
Newly released Compost Facility Operator Manual is a comprehensive and easy to use reference guide and training course text. From the core elements of composting to the intricacies of feedstock and materials handling, process and odor control and compost refinement, this Operator Manual should be in every facility manager and staff toolkit.

Sections Include:

  • Elements of Composting
  • Feedstock and Material Handling
  • Active Composting
  • Curing and Postprocessing
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Finished Compost
  • Regulations Affecting Compost and Production of Compost
  • Calculations

175 Pages
Cost includes shipping & handling
Bulk copies available for Operator Training courses.
Please contact us for details. (610) 967-4135 ext.22

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