Persistent Herbicides In Compost: Conflict and Resolution (pdf document)

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Persistent Herbicides In CompostA collection of articles and reports published in BioCycle and Compost Science & Utilization, 1996-2011
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81 pages, 19 Articles


Sample Article
The Aminopyralid Challenge Continues

Dan Sullivan
Herbicide sprayed on hay in 2008 remains active in horse manure three years later.


Sample Article
DuPont Label Says “Do Not Compost” Grass Clippings

Dan Sullivan
Agricultural chemical company now partnering with Scotts to introduce fertilizer/herbicide product containing aminocyclopyrachlor to consumer market.’


Persistent Pesticide As Organics Recycling Foe
Dan Sullivan
Crop damage in Washington Seattle, likely associated with manure and compost tainted with aminopyralid, is reminiscent of the presence of clopyralid in compost in the early 2000s.


Sample Article
Certified Organic Compost Under The Gun In California

Dan Sullivan
Presence of bifenthrin in some municipal green waste composts is threatening their certification for use in organic agriculture, and raising broader questions on limits for environmental contaminants detected in compost.


Reliability Of Bioassay Tests To Indicate Herbicide Residues In Compost Of Varying Salinity And Herbicide Levels
W F Brinton, E Evans, T C Blewett


Sample Article
Clopyralid Levels Decline, But Controversy Continues

Mark Musick
While analyses in the Pacific Northwest show reduced average herbicide amounts, concerns are still voiced.


Clopyralid And Compost: Formulation And Mowing Effects On Herbicide Content Of Grass Clippings
Eric Miltner, Andy Bary, Craig Cogger


Oregon Completes Clopyralid Study
Robert Rynk
A recent study determined that clopyralid is present in Oregon compost and highlight how different testing protocols yield differences in concentrations.


States Take Actions To Protect Compost Against Clopyralid
Robert Rynk
Regulations restricting chemical’s use move forward in Washington and California, while researchers study “safe application rates.”


Prevalence And Fate Of Clopyralid In Compost
Robert Rynk
More extensive sampling in Washington state shows presence of the herbicide in composts and a variety of feedstocks, while a study of grass clippings found both significant loss and residue of clopyralid 10 weeks after application.


Clopyralid Developments In Washington State
Gabriella Uhlar-Heffner
Update discusses results of several research projects as well as the status of the state Department of Agriculture’s rulemaking to restrict some uses of clopyralid.


Industries Respond To The Clopyralid Controversy
Robert Rynk
The U.S. Composting Council and the Grass Roots Recycling Network call for restrictions on clopyralid use while Dow AgroSciences says it’s all about the label.


Composting View: Herbicide Manufacturers Should Accept Responsibility For Residues In Compost
Gabriella Uhlar-Heffner


Penn State Research Uncovers Clopyralid In Compost
Nadine J Houck, Eric P Burkhart
University studies identify grass as major culprit, while growth trials continue using tainted compost.


Persistent Herbicides In Compost
David Bezdicek, Mary Fauci, Dan Caldwell, Rick Finch and Jessie Lang
This analysis of the Dow chemical products that caused problems at two Washington state composting facilities proves that protective steps need to be taken.


Dealing With Herbicide Residues In Compost
Robert Rynk
Poor vegetable growth following applications of compost from two sites in eastern Washington leads to analysis of how it happened and what steps should be taken to avoid future problems.


Literature Review: Occurrence, Degradation and Fate of Pesticides During Composting
Part II: Occurrence and Fate of Pesticides in Compost and Composting Systems
Fatih Buyuksonmez, Robert Rynk, Thomas F. Hess and Edward Bechinski


Literature Review: Occurrence, Degradation and Fate of Pesticides During Composting
Part I: Composting, Pesticides and Pesticide Degradation
Fatih Buyuksonmez, Robert Rynk, Thomas F. Hess and Edward Bechinski


The Fate Of Lawn Care Pesticides During Composting
Frederick C. Michel, Jr., Dan Graeber, Larry J. Forney and C. Adinarayana Reddy


Selection of BioCycle department items about Persistent Herbicides
BioCycle 2001 – 2011


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