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BioCycle September 2012, Vol. 53, No. 9, p. 43

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2G-CENERGY®, a manufacturer dedicated to the production of biogas power generation systems, provides advanced CHP cogeneration technologies especially made for biogas. The company maintains a “best-in-class” product portfolio. 2G-CENERGY® is a 2G Energy AG Group Company. With more than 2,500 biogas CHP power plants delivered and installed, the 2G® group is a global leader in advanced cogeneration technologies. The technology behind 2G®’s CHP systems and controls makes them highly reliable, providing superior performance with low maintenance cost. The company offers integrated biogas energy conversion solutions, 100% modular advanced “plug & play” systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.

A&B Process Systems
A&B Process Systems is the leader in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of process systems for many industries. Products include but are not limited to: Biogas Systems, Tanks and Vessels, Skidded Module Systems, Industrial Heat Exchangers, Batch & Blending Systems, and Clean in Place Units. Before making a significant investment in a renewable energy system, A&B offers an evaluation of the processing of your unique substrate with our Mobile Anaerobic Digester.

AgSTAR is a voluntary outreach and technical assistance program that promotes the use of biogas recovery technologies at livestock operations to cost-effectively reduce methane emissions and achieve significant co-benefits. AgSTAR collaborates with other stakeholders to develop strategies to accelerate the adoption of these technologies. For additional information, please visit

Applied Technologies, Inc.
Applied Technologies, Inc. is a multidiscipline engineering firm specializing in the conversion of organic material to biogas and the utilization of biogas as a valued energy source in both the public and private

BDI – BioEnergy International
Since 1996, BDI – BioEnergy International AG has focused on development of technologies for industrial processing of by-products and waste to maximize value from these resources. In addition to its MultiFeedstock BioDiesel technology, BDI supplies advanced BioGas technology particularly suitable to recover bioenergy, fertilizer and nutrients, water and more from difficult industrial, municipal or agricultural organic waste streams. LP Ciminelli, a U.S. based construction management and EPC provider, is BDI’s partner for project delivery in the United States. Under the “Waste To Value” theme, services include consulting, process design, engineering, installation and start-up and after-sales support — all wrapped with an industry leading performance guarantee.

BTS Biogas Italy Srl
B.T.S.® Biogas offers a comprehensive range of biogas plants, from 50 kW up to 999 kW, that can utilize various types of biomass, including manure, slurry, organic waste and energy crops. All biogas plant components are offered by B.T.S.® Biogas. Farmers with small farms, industrial agronomists or communities as well as investors can rely on B.T.S.’ proven experience. In Italy, the company is a market leader and a pioneer in biogas plant construction. Our core competency is in planning, production and construction of these plants, with specialized knowledge in automation and development of the software. B.T.S. utilizes its laboratory to analyze growth of biomass and nutritional content of silage, evaluate biogas and methane yields and develop processes for preventing unwanted odors and toxins.

BIOFerm Energy Systems
BIOFerm™ is a leader in anaerobic digestion technology for a wide variety of organic wastes. BIOFerm™ USA, Inc., dba BIOFerm Energy Systems, was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 2007 and belongs to the Viessmann Group of Companies, which has an annual international sales volume of $2 billion and employs over 8,900 people worldwide. BIOFerm has been the provider of the AD system by Schmack Biogas, GmbH, another member of the Viessmann Group, for the U.S. market since 2011. The companies have built a combined total of over 280 biogas plants in Germany, Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Biorem Technologies Inc
Biorem is a leading clean technology company that designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency air emissions control systems used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Biorem also offers biogas conditioning technologies specializing in biological treatment of hydrogen sulfide.

BKT provides proven and unique digestate treatment technology for various types of biogas plants. A revolutionary antifouling membrane system, FMX, specializes in the liquid-solid separation for high density, high viscosity, and high solid applications. FMX UF system can successfully achieve the discharge target and recover nutrients from digestate with downstream reverse osmosis. The FMX concentrate also contributes to the stable operation of biogas plants and increases biogas productivity by capturing and returning microorganisms to the digester. This process, Activated Anaerobic Digestion (AAD), is validated by collaboration with TetraTech and Hydromantis. BKT also provides biological wastewater treatment and energy solutions to the water industry.

Blue Bag Organics
The Blue Bag Organics curbside composting system is an innovative combined collection solution for commercial and residential composting. The Blue Bag Organics curbside composting system is the specially engineered Blue Bag Organics can liner. It delivers contrasting performance characteristics: good puncture and tear resistance to withstand the rigors of cocollection with MSW, and fast decomposition at an industrial composting facility. In addition, its eye-catching blue color makes the BPI-certified Blue Bag Organics bag easy to separate at a transfer station. For licensing information, contact Deb Gatz at 612-916-5549, or visit

Boerger, LLC
Boerger specializes in reliable and cost-effective Rotary Lobe Pumps and Macerating Technology for the conveyance of low to high viscous and abrasive materials. Boerger offers many designs and options to deal with the most difficult waste processing and biogas applications. The Boerger products are constructed with MIP (Maintenance In Place). All fluid wetted parts can be removed through the front cover without the removal of pipe or drive components.

Brad Penn Lubricants
Brad Penn Biogas Engine Oils are specifically designed and tailored for use in engines fueled by biogas generated from anaerobic digestion of manure, compost, landfill and other organic material. To date, Brad Penn Biogas Engine Oils are utilized at 27 farms and one landfill in six different states in the U.S. in numerous engines including Caterpillar, Guascor, Jenbacher, MAN, Waukesha and others. In all instances, significantly increased drain intervals have been accompanied by excellent engine protection as evidenced by engine wear metals profiles (via oil analysis) that remained consistently low and virtually unchanged throughout the entire testing period, substantially reducing their cost per hour of operation.

BRUGG Pipesystems, LLC
BRUGG Pipe-systems produces a corrugated stainless steel endless pipe for heat transfer in digesters. This pipe has been in use in over 600 digesters for more than ten years. The special design of the pipe vastly increases the heat transfer compared to conventional pipes. The pipe is easy and quick to install with no welding or intermediate joints.

Caterpillar Inc.
For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. With 2011 sales and revenues of $60.1 billion, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, reciprocating generator sets, industrial gas turbines and locomotives. The company also is a leading services provider through Caterpillar Financial Services, Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services, Caterpillar Logistics Services, and Cat Rental Power. Caterpillar, with the global Cat Dealer network, provides power generation equipment and product support specifically tailored for biogas fuels such as landfill, digester and sewage gas.

Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC is an environmental engineering consulting and field service firm dedicated to providing services to the solid waste industry and commercial and industrial clients throughout the nation. The firm was founded by industry leaders who have helped to develop and shape solid waste, energy and environmental technology over the past 30 years. Services include landfill engineering, site and civil design; environmental, remediation, hydrogeology, air quality, and biogas services; transfer, recycling, and processing facilities; and operations and maintenance. Cornerstone’s staff is a team of professionals recognized nationally for their environmental expertise.

CST Storage
CST BioEnergy is a part of CST Industries — the world’s largest manufacturer of factory coated tanks and covers. CST BioEnergy provides separate and integrated tank and cover solutions for anaerobic digesters and biomass processes as well as Weaver reclaimers for fast, safe and reliable biomass unloading. The company offers the lowest life cycle cost solution of Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel, the long-term durability of stainless or the low initial cost of HydroTec epoxy, and tanks and covers to meet your specific needs. All from one company with hundreds of digesters worldwide and over 120 years of manufacturing tanks.

As a leading provider of innovative dairy manure handling equipment through North America, DariTech Inc. is bringing its products to the environmental field through DT-Envrionmental (DTE). With the Enviro-Drum, food and other organic wastes can be handled in a controlled environment. With the proper mixing and aeration, the composting process can be greatly accelerated, leading to reduced land and storage requirements and lower manpower and other operating costs.

Doppstadt US
Doppstadt US offers a full line of portable slow-speed shredders, high-speed grinders, trommel screens, star screens, whole tree chippers, sorting stations, and conveyors in addition to stationary electric material processing and recycling systems. The product line is supported throughout the US with a network of reputable distributors providing local sales, parts and service.

Eisenmann Corporation
Eisenmann is a leading international supplier of environmental, renewable energy and manufacturing systems technology. For 60 years, the company has offered some of the most advanced process and environmental solutions as well as comprehensive service programs that provide industry-leading performance and eliminate costly downtime for industrial plants around the world.

Energy Cube, LLC
Energy Cube, LLC is a manufacturer of biogas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scrubbers, flares, and gas handling and dryer/filtration systems. Biological H2S scrubbers have proven themselves to be low cost and low maintenance systems for removing H2S. The flare systems are engineered and built for lasting performance, allowing for remote operation and collection of carbon credits. Gas handling and dryer/filtration systems are made to meet the supply requirements of biogas combustion engines and boilers.

Farmatic Inc.
For over 50 years, FARMATIC is an internationally successful biogas and wastewater EPC and technology provider to customers from agriculture, industry and municipalities. With more than 300 completed anaerobic digesters, Farmatic plants achieve results that set new standards, with many innovations that we developed over the years becoming standard throughout the industry. The plants are guaranteed to last, perform reliably, and offer impressive levels of efficiency, low operating costs and superior ease of maintenance. ISO 9001 and RAL certified.

GORE® Cover System
GORE® Cover is a low cost solution to build and operate with the highest level of performance for odor/emission reduction while producing high quality compost in just a few short weeks. GORE® Cover has experience with over 150 installations in more than 20 countries for treating organic waste including green waste, food waste, manures, anaerobic digestate and biosolids. GORE® Cover technology is also used for MSW stabilization and bio-drying. Our technology meets strict California VOC emission reduction standards and is 503 compliant for producing class A biosolids compost. To learn more, call 410-506-5041 or

Inland Power Group
Inland Power Group is the Midwest GE Energy distributor (Jenbacher biogas engines, Power Quality, and UPS) and MTU Onsite Energy distributor. The company offers full sales, parts and service support for these product lines. Inland’s energy solutions include GE Jenbacher gas engines that can operate at 100 percent load on biogas or a blend of natural gas, offering the ability to use your biogas asset for your standby generator. If you’re seeking the long-term savings of a biogas-to-energy system, with high efficiency and low emissions, you can choose no better partner in the Midwest than Inland Power Group.

Komptech USA Inc.
Komptech is a leading international technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source.

Mabarex is a process systems supplier with full engineering, project construction, integration and service capabilities, offering complete SSO treatment systems, anaerobic digestion, dewatering, drying, treatment of effluents and recovery of valuable by-products. Mabarex features the high performance SSO separation system from Hybag Automationen AG. Equipment includes receiving tilting bins, conveyors, separation hammermills, solids compactors, mixed digesters, agitators, heat exchangers, sludge and slurry pumps, grinders, filtration systems, thickeners, chamber filter-presses, decanter centrifuges, high speed disc centrifuges, continuous low temperature belt dryers, continuous and batch indirect dryers, burners, thermal oil systems, bioreactors, biological and physico-chemical wastewater treatment. Mabarex also features complete project integration and after-sales services.

Martin Machinery
Martin Machinery, LLC was established in 1976 and serves the biogas industry with innovative solutions utilizing combined heat and electric power gensets. Martin Machinery, LLC provides a wide range of spark ignition engines including Guascor, MAN, and Jenbacher, with an extensive selection of controls and switchgear. Exhaust and engine jacket heat recovery systems are available to increase productivity from your biogas based investment. Martin Machinery specializes in custom design-build applications to meet the unique needs of specific biogas applications. The company’s technical support personnel staff service centers in six states throughout the U.S. where biogas sites have become popular, enabling us to service the genset on an as needed or contracted basis.

Novamont North America, Inc.
Novamont is one of the world’s leading producers of certified biodegradable/compostable resins. Since 1989, its family of Mater-Bi resins have been used worldwide to produce compostable products like bags, liners and food service ware that are essential for the effective separation, collection and composting of organic waste. Novamont focuses on the lifecycle benefits of organics diversion, promoting sustainable development through innovation.

Ovivo|GWE is a global leader in converting food and food production wastes into renewable energy via anaerobic digestion. We have been providing waste to energy systems to the food and beverage industry for 40 years. Ovivo|GWE offers complete turnkey wet (Raptor™) and dry (THEREX™) biodigestion systems inclusive of waste receiving, depackaging, pretreatment, digestion, biogas cleaning, energy conversion, effluent wastewater treatment and digestate solids processing. Our direct experience with digestion of food wastes and internal capabilities with the above required processes separates Ovivo|GWE from all others in the field. Stop by our booth to learn about our latest installations.

OWS, Inc.
With its proprietary DRANCO dry continuous digestion technology, OWS provides unsurpassed renewable energy production per unit of installed digester capacity. DRANCO technology eliminates the need for dilution as well as the risk of settling and floating layers, increasing system reliability even with the most difficult organic waste streams. OWS supports its design/build services with a world-class laboratory to assess feedstocks and optimize digester performance as market conditions change. Stop by our booth to see examples of our newest facilities combined with composting plants.

Perennial Energy
Perennial Energy (PEI) designs, manufactures, packages and supplies biogas extraction, compression, treatment, and dehydration systems. The systems are skid mounted, custom designed per project requirements, and factory tested. In addition, we bring more than 25 years of biogas flaring (Candlestick and Enclosed) experience to your project, offering fully integrated flare systems with our treatment skids, enabling seamless management of biogas extraction, compression, combustion, custody transfer and delivery for your biogas utilization project.

Resource Recycling Systems
Resource Recycling Systems is a consulting firm dedicated to building real waste free solutions for our clients, their businesses and communities. Our organics management activities have evolved over the years with the marketplace, but have always centered on recovery and reuse. By focusing on ways to keep organics out of landfills, Resource Recycling Systems creates opportunities to use them in energy production, livestock feed and soil replenishment. We help our clients reach their dynamic goals through innovation and change management. Our team provides business case justified and financially sound solutions to the wide array of challenges our clients endure.

Roto Mix LLC
ROTO-MIX LLC manufactures three different and unique types of compost mixers, in a range of sizes to handle any job, large or small. A vertical line and two horizontal lines of mixers are available. Mixers come in truck, trailer or stationary models. Many accessories, including electronic scales, conveyors, stainless steel liners and shells, are available. ROTO-MIX also has a complete line of unique compost spreaders, with vertical beaters, in truck or trailer models.

Rotochopper, Inc.
Rotochopper, Inc. manufactures an extensive lineup of grinding equipment for processing wood waste, agricultural residue, and asphalt shingle waste for use as colored landscape mulch, biomass fuel, compost, animal bedding, and hot mix asphalt supplement (from shingles). Rotochopper helps companies around the world develop and foster new opportunities for low-value materials by providing innovative equipment solutions, including horizontal grinders, hammermills, asphalt shingle grinders, and mobile bagging systems. Diesel- and electric-powered grinding equipment is available in a wide range of sizes, and in portable, stationary, and track mounted configurations.

Scott Equipment Company
Scott Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer and global provider of custom processing equipment and continues to be on the forefront of anaerobic digestion and food separation technology. Scott Equipment manufactures the Turbo Separator, which is a unique machine used to separate the product contents from cans, packages, cartons, or grocery waste, and allows for up to 99 percent product recovery. It can also be used to power screen products to reduce particle size by utilizing adjustable speeds and screen size variations. In addition, Scott Equipment designs and manufactures batch, as well as continuous, mixers and blenders, coolers for ground material, crushers, and Smooth Wall Storage Bins.

Tank Connection
The Tank Connection Affiliate Group is the only storage tank manufacturer worldwide that designs, manufactures and installs all types of steel storage tanks used in anaerobic digester applications, including bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel), field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid tank construction. When it comes time to select an expert in digester tank design, manufacturing and field installation, the leaders in biogas systems turn to Tank Connection for their RTP bolted tank design coated with LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM. Tank Connection’s anaerobic digester tank designs and coating system remain unmatched in the industry worldwide.

Unison Solutions, Inc.
Unison Solutions, Inc., founded in 2000, is an industry leader in biogas conditioning, BioCNG vehicle fuel systems and distributed generation. Unison Solutions systems have been installed around the world at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, dairies and food processing digester plants. Unison has manufactured gas conditioning and compression packages in sizes that range from 20 scfm up to 8,000 scfm. Our expertise in purifying biogas includes hydrogen sulfide removal, siloxane removal, CO2 removal, compression and gas quality monitoring.

University of Wisconsin – Platteville
UW-Platteville is a small-mid size campus that specializes in agriculture and engineering. These combine well to support our new programs in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems, which includes a biomethane potential testing lab.

US Composting Council
The US Composting Council is involved in research, training, public education, composting and compost standards, expansion of compost markets and the enlistment of public support. The USCC provides resources, educational materials, training, networking, and career advancement opportunities for professionals and all those affiliated with the composting and organics recycling industry. USCC members include compost producers, marketers, generators of organic residues, policy makers, regulators, equipment manufacturers, product suppliers, academic institutions, public agencies, nonprofit groups and consulting/engineering firms.

US EPA Region 7
EPA Region 7 welcomes attendees to stop by our booth to learn more about how you can improve your bottom line while at the same time, reduce your environmental impacts, and support your community. A few of our relevant programs, including Sustainable Materials Management, Waste Wise, and Food Recovery Challenge, provide tools and technical support to those who are pursuing waste to energy, zero waste, and source reduction goals.

Vaughan Company, Inc.
For over 52 years, Vaughan Company has been a leader in quality and service in the pumping industry specializing in process mixing systems, biowaste, as well as fats, oils and grease recycling. Vaughan’s Rotamix Process Mixing System is today’s most cost-effective means of mechanical jet mixing, consisting of an engineered arrangement of floor-mounted nozzles fed by a Vaughan chopper pump. Continuously chopped solids not only eliminate nozzle clogging, but also enhance sludge quality. Vaughan promises the best not only in product design, reliability, dependability and availability, but also in service and support, to assure you of the lowest in life cycle costs.

Vogelsang offers several products specifically designed for Biogas production. Our Rotary Lobe pumps are designed to efficiently feed and recirculate multiple digesters. We offer custom piping systems that allow a single pump to feed and recirculate an entire plant. Our RotaCut Inline Grinder provides solids handling slurry conditioning. Our BioCrack is a lysing system that improves biogas yield and reduces residual solids content. For over 80 years, Vogelsang continues to be a leader in the design of pumping, grinding and processing products. Manufactured in the U.S.A., our pumps, grinders and processing systems are engineered to meet your specific requirements.

WesTech Engineering, Inc.
WesTech Engineering, Inc. supplies equipment for water, wastewater and industrial applications, including mixers and covers for anaerobic digesters. Its DuoSphere gasholder structures made from high-strength fabrics are a cost-effective biogas storage solution that range in gas-holding volumes from 20 to 5,000 m3. In addition to gas storage, the DuoSphere is designed to regulate pressure and flows from digesters as gas is utilized to produce heat and/or electricity. Complementing WesTech’s complete line of steel digester covers, the DuoSphere Digester Cover is a unique and easily-installed solution for digester tanks in need of covers.

Yield Energy Inc.
Yield Energy is a renewable energy company focused on the design, build and operation of biogas plants. The company focuses on strategic partnerships and works in municipal, commercial and agricultural sectors. Yield’s unique pretreatment technology, the FITEC system, can handle any type of contaminated organic waste stream. A wide range of products and services are offered in the Dr. Digester program including: feasibility studies, feedstock management, biological stability modelling, daily plant optimization and support, trace element formulation and supply, digestion catalysts, biomethane potential, complete feedstock and digestate

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