American Biogas Council, US Composting Council & MassRecycle Join In Support of Massachusetts Organics Ban



From  FOOD press release, August 1, 2013

Called FOOD (Focus on Organics Diversion), the consortium formed by the American Biogas Council,
the US Composting Council, and MassRecycle together represent dozens of companies and local
agencies already playing significant roles in the growth of alternatives to the disposal of organic
resources such as yard debris and food scraps.

Massachusetts Food Waste Ban“Massachusetts has long been a leader in recognizing the value of organic material to reduce waste,
create jobs and protect the environment,” said Lori Scozzafava, Executive Director of the US
Composting Council. “Its existing nation-leading yard debris composting program helped launch the
state’s composting sector, which already includes over 200 facilities employing hundreds of people.”

Compost is a soil amendment that improves soil health, protecting against water pollution and droughts.
One benefit of composting is its compatibility with anaerobic digestion, another microbiological process
that breaks down organics materials to produce a biogas, with properties similar to natural gas.

“The proposed policy will extend Massachusetts’ leadership by encouraging the beneficial reuse of food
scraps and agricultural wastes” said Wayne Davis, Chairman of the American Biogas Council, and Vice-
President of Government Affairs as Massachusetts-based (Waltham) Harvest Power. “Together with the
state’s wastewater treatment infrastructure, new anaerobic digestion projects will help achieve
Massachusetts’ goals for producing renewable energy in the form of clean biogas – a 21st century
infrastructure for transforming discarded materials into resources.”

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