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BioCycle September 2014, Vol. 55, No. 8, p. 88

Compost Watch App

Reotemp's "Compost Watch" App

Reotemp’s “Compost Watch” App

Replacing the need for a clipboard, REOTEMP’s Compost Watch App uses a smartphone or tablet to record temperature, moisture and oxygen of multiple windrows using a standard compost thermometer or digital probe. Compost Watch automatically calculates PFRP (pathogen) and VAR (vector attraction) days to confirm compliance. Users can sync all compost data directly to their account at Login to monitor all windrows, print reports and output to excel.

Moveable Plow-Off Conveyors/Feeders

Patz Corporation recently announced the 2405 and 2410 Moveable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders, equipped with a moveable plow, premium belting options like a low stretch and cold temperature belt, and 24-inch wide conveyors/ feeders that allow for transporting larger volumes of material. The 2405 and 2410 are customizable with lengths from 4 to 400 feet, offer automation and distribution of a variety of materials, and have a one-way or two-way moveable plow to direct material to multiple locations.

Yuengling Brewery's 2G CENERGY cogeneration power plant.

Yuengling Brewery’s 2G CENERGY cogeneration power plant.

Brewing Up Power

Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania operates a 2G CENERGY® 400ekW/h CHP cogeneration power plant, providing about 20 percent of the brewery’s total electricity needs. Billed as the oldest brewery in America, Yuengling® uses heat generated by the CHP system to heat its pasteurization process. The facility’s anaerobic digester was installed by Environmental Management Group International, Inc.

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