BioCycle Equipment & Systems Directory 2015

Updated Listings. Online —
BioCycle June 2015, Vol. 56, No. 5, p. 32

BioCycle’s Equipment and Systems Directory 2015 — a guide to equipment and services for the composting, anaerobic digestion and organics recycling industries — is available online exclusively at This 2015 Equipment and Systems Directory features detailed categories to guide your search. BioCycle editors have qualified company listings in the Directory, and reviewed their websites to assist with categorization of products and services.

Recently, we were asked about BioCycle’s history. When BioCycle was launched in 1960 as Compost Science, equipment and systems designed specifically for composting were almost nonexistent. A handful of manufacturers were marketing equipment originally designed for other industries. Over the decades, that landscape changed, with companies introducing equipment specifically for composting and organics recycling, and in more recent decades, anaerobic digestion and biogas utilization. Over the past decade, BioCycle has seen new categories of equipment and systems added to its Directory, including depackaging, renewable vehicle fuels and dedicated food waste collection trucks and trailers.

We continue to be fascinated by how organics recycling facilities are “assembled.” Often, project developers select a primary system, e.g., composting or anaerobic digester technology, and then mix and match components for preprocessing feedstocks, aeration, agitation and mixing, dewatering and solids separation, screening, biogas utilization and more. The categories in our 2015 Equipment and Services Directory reflect this approach to project development and equipment procurement.

In 2015, BioCycle editors see growing interest in smaller scale anaerobic digestion systems, e.g., for dairies with smaller herd sizes. And with increasing diversion of source separated organics, especially food waste streams, facility operators are focused on contaminant removal systems — from hand sorting lines and mechanical separation to various pre and post processing technologies. Separation and container equipment and systems to utilize at the source also are in demand, including carts, compostable products, cart lifters, and lifting arm attachments for collection vehicles.

BioCycle’s Equipment and Systems Directory is only available online at This enables BioCycle editors to update the Directory on a continual basis throughout the year. Growth in organics recycling — across the municipal, commercial, institutional, agricultural and industrial sectors — leads to a continuous flow of new systems, components and services. … Equipment and systems for organics collection and transport, size reduction, depackaging, contaminant removal, composting and anaerobic digestion, solids separation and dewatering, biogas capture and conditioning, power production and heat recovery, screening and bagging. In addition, there are tools for monitoring and process control, compostable products, covers for composting piles, compost spreaders, carbon credit aggregators and providers of services to manage facilities and market finished products.

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