BioCycle, EPA Workshop: Food System Data Tools, Food Loss And Waste Strategies

BioCycle workshop imageOne of three Preconference Workshops on April 4, 2017 at BioCycle EAST COAST17 — April 4-7, 2017 in Ellicott City, Maryland, near Baltimore — is titled, “Path To 50% Food Waste Reduction In The Mid-Atlantic Region.”

Organized by BioCycle and U.S. EPA Region 3, the workshop will use mapping tools and GIS data to set the foundation for analyzing wasted food reduction opportunities and solutions. A specified geographic area in the Mid-Atlantic region (Prince George’s County, Maryland) has been selected for the workshop exercises.

Attendees will use actual wasted food data and environmental, social and health indicators to develop and prioritize food waste reduction implementation strategies. The workshop aims to put data and tools into the hands of local governments, community leaders, organizations and commercial entities to achieve the United States’ goal of reducing food loss and waste by 50 percent by 2030.

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