Subscriber Exclusive: The State Of Organics Recycling In The U.S. (complete report)

BioCycle, October, 2017


BioCycle Subscriber Exclusive:
Click here to download the complete report,
including all tabular data, in PDF format

This 10-page document includes these tables:

• Composting facilities in the U.S., national summary
• Composting facilities in the U.S., total, and by feedstock
• Anaerobic digestion facilities in the U.S., by feedstock (2015-2017)
• Composting facilities, by method
• Composting facilities by annual throughput
• Organics recycled, by feedstock type
• Tons to composting, by state
• State programs to support composting, AD, state by state summary
• State rankings: Composting sites; Yard trimmings composting sites; Food waste + yard trimmings sites; Multiple organics composting sites; Biosolids composting sites; Livestock manure digesters


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