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BioCycle January 2018, Vol. 59, No. 1, p. 64
Komptech's Topturn X4500

Komptech’s Topturn X4500

Turner Receives Red Dot Award

Komptech introduced the Topturn X4500 in late 2016, the smallest compost turner in its product line. The company recently received the Red Dot Award, an internationally recognized quality label for excellent product design, for the X4500. “Its concisely formed, sturdy frame gives the Topturn X4500 an autonomous appearance,” notes the statement by Red Dot. “It also impresses with extremely functional detail solutions, for example, the retractable cabin.”

Bin Tippers

Bin Tippers from Solus Group are ergonomic material handling machines that lift and empty organics, recycling and trash bins and other bulk containers. They feature a unique lift-and-tip motion that keeps weight centered over the Bin Tipper’s frame throughout the emptying process. Solus Group offers a wide assortment from manual tippers for low-volume, light-duty applications to the Dumpmaster, which can handle up to 660 pounds. All tippers come complete with safeguards such as controlled lowering and lift-and-tip motion, which stabilizes the machinery during the tipping process. Panels prevent workers from accidentally coming into contact with the lift track.

Modified ASP Composting

The Charleston County, South Carolina Bees Ferry source separated organics composting facility is successfully employing Harvest Quest inoculants and the MSAP® (modified aerated static pile) method, reports Harvey Gibson, facility manager. The Harvest Quest/MSAP composting process starts with a precise organic mix recipe, applying a proprietary microbial inoculant and following a strict 60-day curing method that requires a minimal amount of turning (turns at 30 days and 45 days). The Bees Ferry facility manages 70,000 tons of green waste and 5,000 tons of food waste annually.

Organics Cocollection Patent

Organix Solutions received a full patent for its organics cocollection system in June. The utility patent encompasses the compostable organic waste collection method and materials, establishing its patent portfolio that includes a proprietary product line of compostable bags — Extreme Duty Green Bag Organix™ and Blue Bag Organics®. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency evaluated the cocollection method as a separate waste stream, and Aspen Research Corp., an independent third-party laboratory, evaluated the performance characteristics of the compostable bag as it traveled through the waste stream. According to Organix, both evaluations confirmed they could withstand compaction in a waste collection vehicle while preserving the organic waste for further processing.

Award Winning Compostable Containers

Eco-Products was honored with awards for two separate products in the 2017 QSR/FPI Foodservice Packaging Awards competition. The Eco-Products’ Grip & Dip Snack Cup earned first place in the Innovation in Manufacturing category. Its WorldView Three-Compartment Take-Out Container earned the second-place award for Innovation in Convenience. Both the snack cup and the take-out container have bases made from sugarcane, and are certified as compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). The take-out tray lid is made with 100 percent renewable resources and is also commercially compostable; the Grip & Dip lid is made with 100 percent postconsumer recycled plastic. The Grip & Dip is designed for concession foods like French fries, chicken fingers and ice cream, with the dipper and the dip in one streamlined container.

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