Metro Council (Portland, OR) To Consider Proposed Food Scraps Policy

On Thursday, July 19, the Metro Council (Portland, OR) will consider a proposed ordinance that obligates city and county governments within greater Portland to require the collection of food scraps from certain types of food service businesses.

After the policy is proposed, the Council will open the meeting for testimony from the public. Public comment periods for both the policy and the accompanying administrative rules have been held in the last several months. Metro Council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance the following Thursday, July 26.

If approved, the required collection of food scraps from businesses would roll out over five years starting in March 2020, with businesses that generate 1,000 pounds or more per week of food scraps – the inedible stuff like eggshells, bones and peels. Eventually nearly 3,000 businesses, including schools, would be affected. Those that generate less than 250 pounds of food scraps per week will not be subject to the requirement.

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