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BioCycle February 2019, Vol. 60 No. 2, p. 32
HRS Heat Exchangers’ DTI series double tube heat exchanger

HRS Heat Exchangers’ DTI series double tube heat exchanger

Heat Recovery

HRS Heat Exchangers’ DTI series is a double tube heat exchanger that permits processing of fluids with particles without any tube blockage, making it particularly suited to anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants. The inner tube is corrugated to ensure improved heat transfer performance and superior resistance against tube wall fouling, resulting in reduced maintenance periods. HRS also offers a Digestate Concentration System, which utilizes captured heat to separate water from digestate by concentration, reducing the overall quantity of digestate by as much as 80 percent, according to the company.

Brewery Waste To Biogas

Guatamalan brewery uses Global Water & Energy (GWE) technologies

Guatamalan brewery uses Global Water & Energy (GWE) technologies

A Guatamalan brewery, Cervecería Centro Americana (CCA), is utilizing a combination of Global Water & Energy (GWE) technologies to convert wastewater into biogas while removing approximately 97 percent Chemical Oxygen Demand in the effluent. The resulting green energy may be used to power the brewery’s boilers. CCA will use multiple GWE patented technologies: a downflow solids separator that provides efficient counter-current sludge separation, combined with co-current sludge evacuation; an expanded granular sludge bed that uses anaerobic purification to break down organic compounds and generate biogas; a moving bed biofilm reactor and a solids separation system that utilizes a dissolved air flotation unit to polish the effluent aerobically from the reactor; and biofilter.

Sipping Without A Straw

Eco-Products’ “Cold Cup Sip Lids” enable consumers to drink from a cup with the lid on. Designed to prevent spills and “splashback,” the lids come in different sizes to fit a variety of cups. Made from 100 percent renewable resources, all are BPI certified and meet ASTM International standards for compostability. 
Other compostable products available include plates, bowls, hot cups, cold cups, utensils, food containers, and straws.

Acquisition Expands Offerings

Morbark, LLC completed the acquisition of DENIS CIMAF, Inc., based in Roxton Falls, Québec, broadening its range of tree care and industrial equipment, aftermarket parts, and customer service. DENIS CIMAF specializes in development of high performance brushcutter-mulcher attachments for excavators, skid steers, forestry tractors, graders and other types of heavy equipment. Morbark will operate this acquisition as a new division maintaining its brand identity.


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