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BioCycle August 2019, Vol. 60 No. 6, p. 40

Heavy Duty Horizontal Grinder

Peterson 1700D Horizontal Grinder

Peterson 1700D Horizontal Grinder

Heavy duty and mobile, the Peterson 1700D Horizontal Grinder is equipped to process a wide range of materials. Its large feed opening measures 54-inches by 27-inches; when boosted by a high-lift feed roll, the opening’s maximum lift is 41.5 inches. Feeding is facilitated by Peterson’s Adaptive Control System. The 1700D control panel features a large display that provides operators with complete engine and system parameters to simplify set up and efficiently operate the unit. In addition to Peterson’s patented Impact Release System to protect the equipment against ungrindable materials, the 1700D includes a quick-change multiple grate system, and patented up-turn rotor, with heavy-duty bits and a robust anvil.

Conversion Of Organic Wastes

Digested Organics works across industry sectors that generate organic waste, including farms, food and beverage companies and municipalities. Four core technologies include two-step reverse osmosis system, stainless steel ultrafiltration, high rate biological treatment and spiral brush filer system. Its BioEliminator™ is designed to “polish” digestate and eke out as much biogas as possible from digestate while improving the quality of the effluent. The Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation™ (NCWR) System reduces the volume of manure or digestate to produce a concentrated fertilizer and clean, reusable water.

Natural Gas Compressors And Fueling Systems

J-W Power Company specializes in leasing, sales, parts and service of natural gas compression packages ranging from 18 to 1,775 horsepower. Its patented CNG Fueling System significantly improves compressed natural gas fill time at the dispenser. The technology allows the compressor to change the number of stages dynamically to utilize high pressure from storage, which yields a higher flow rate. It is currently available in two models, J-W PowerFill and J-W PowerFill Lite.

Services For Biogas Industry

Tent Engineering specifically focuses on providing technical engineering services for the biogas industry. It has provided engineering, construction and operations management services for over 80 biogas utilization projects handling methane generated from landfills, dairies, agricultural operations, wastewater treatment facilities, and other diverse resources. Tent’s expertise includes renewable natural gas conversion, biogas-to-energy, biogas cleanup, direct use, landfill gas collection and control, and environmental compliance/reporting.


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