BioCycle Advertisement File Setup

  • All text should be converted to “outlines”
  • Materials should be a minimum of 300 ppi and submitted at 100% of printed size

Accepted Formats
1) EPS Files (Preferred Format)
Adobe Illustrator settings

  • Files should be set for high resolution output. Files will be output to device resolution of 2400 dpi.
  • All imported images must be embedded.
  • Select all text and “Create Outlines”
  • Be sure that the colors are specified properly in your files. Colors meant to print CMYK should not be set to “spot.” Make sure that colors are set to CMYK rather than RGB. Delete any unused colors from the color palette.
  • Be aware of effects that can be caused by transparency and flattener settings. All transparency must be flattened in the final page that is submitted for processing.

2) Adobe Acrobat PDF Files
PDF files must be Distilled from PostScript files.

  • All text should be converted to “outlines” prior to generating PDF

3) Application Files
If you are unable to provide your ad in one of the above-mentioned formats, please contact us for possible alternatives. We cannot accept ads created in Publisher, Corel Draw, Word or PowerPoint.

1. Images must be saved as either EPS or TIFF in Photoshop CMYK or Grayscale mode at 300 ppi resolution. Do not use web graphics, including jpg or gif files:
These files are low resolution (usually 72 ppi).
2. Save clipping paths on Photoshop EPS files with a flatness of 2.

All art should be CMYK or Grayscale (No RGB, Pantone or spot color)

File Naming Convention
Please name files using BioCycle, the advertiser’s company name, year and month of publication. For example: BioCycle_Advertiser_2017_01

Sending Files
BioCycle’s preferred method is Dropbox. Please contact Teri Sorg-McManamon for details.