California Becomes First State To Mandate Universal Composting Services For Residents And Businesses
Green waste, food scraps and manure are delivered six days a week and piled into a windrow using a front-end loader.

Three years after California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy (SB 1383, Lara) was signed into law, formal regulations were adopted by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) at a public meeting today and will be transmitted to the Office of Administrative Law for final codification.

Connections: Compost + Rainwater Infiltration
Sally Brown

It’s all about increasing soil pore space.
Sally Brown

Managing PFAS Chemicals In Composting And Anaerobic Digestion
Sampling For PFAS

New series explores ramifications of PFAS in recycled organics and process storm water — and technology options to treat the contamination.
Craig Coker

Biogas Tax Credits Resurrected
Anaerobic digesters producing electricity quality for PTC and ITC tax extender credits.

Under new law tax credits come to life again, for some anaerobic digesters.
Michael H. Levin

BioCycle World
METRO food waste programs

• Mandatory Food Waste Ordinance Adoption
• January 31 NEBRA PFAS Update Webinar
• Taco Bell Commits To Packaging Reboot

Composting Roundup

• CompostNow Raises $2 Million
• Rolling Out Residential Collection In Wisconsin

Equipment News
BDP agitator (left) installed at the Bennington WWTP, which turns material as it moves down the composting bays (right).

• Agitated Bay Biosolids Facility Back On Line

Financing Composting Infrastructure
Food waste and yard trimmings are composted Greenville County's Twin Chimneys facility, Atlas's first composting operation.

South Carolina-based Atlas Organics, Inc. has funded its early and growth stages with venture/private equity capital investments.
Nora Goldstein

Editorial: Does Food Waste = Contamination?
Nora Goldstein, BioCycle Editor

There is a distinct air of inevitability that introducing food waste automatically introduces plastic bags, packaging, compostable product lookalikes, etc.