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Editorial: The World Needs To BioCycle
Nora Goldstein, Editor, BioCycle

Nora Goldstein
BioCycle November/December 2019, Vol. 60 No. 8, p. 4

Compost And Plant Disease Suppression
Magnification of pathogenic Rhizoctonia solani isolated from soil on an organic vegetable farm in Vermont.

A microbial, community ecology approach to design compost amendments creates more reliable and resilient methods to suppress globally distributed soilborne pathogens.
Deborah A. Neher
BioCycle November/December 2019, Vol. 60 No. 8, p. 22

Music Festivals Amp Up Organics Recycling Game
Food waste and certified compostable products were accepted in the compostables bin (right). Compost Crusader, based in Milwaukee, composted the materials.

Farm Aid has greatly increased organics diversion since 2007. Inspired by its partnership with Farm Aid, Live Nation announced its zero waste goal in September 2018.
Stephanie Katsaros
BioCycle November/December 2019, Vol. 60 No. 8, p. 26

Governor Phil Scott Announces Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge Finalists
To test production of a P-fortified compost, concentrate from Digested Organics’ ultrafiltration equipment (left) was added as a feedstock prior to active composting (right).

Vermont awards over $1 million for implementation of phosphorus separation and extraction technologies.

“Organic Materials Management in King County” Report
Organic materials management in King County - LinkUp program - King County Solid Waste Division

King County has a Zero Waste of Resources by 2030 goal referenced in King County Code 10.14.020, the Strategic Climate Action Plan, and 2019 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan. Recovering organic material is an essential part of reaching this goal.

New EPA Report: AD Facilities Processing Food Waste
Anaerobic Digestion Facilities Processing Food Waste in the Unit

A total of 198 facilities were surveyed in 2018, and 134 completed the survey …

Help Support NEBRA’s Frontline Work On PFAS
Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS)

The North East Biosolids & Residuals Association (NEBRA) has been a national leader on PFAS related to biosolids and residuals management …

Compost Is Clear Carbon Storage Winner

A recent study from the University of California Davis (UC Davis) confirmed what many of us have known for our professional careers: compost makes the difference.