January 2020

  • Two-Stage Linear Vortex™” digester at Prairies Edge Dairy Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana

    Anaerobic Digest

    • Indiana Dairy Farm Updates Its Digester System
    • Parity For Biogas

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  • Ned Beecher

    Paying For PFAS Clean Up

    Ned Beecher, Special Projects Manager at the North East Biosolids & Residuals Association (nebiosolids.org), has spent the bulk of the past several years in the land of PFAS, educating the organics recycling community, regulators, and many others about these complex and pervasive compounds.

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  • Top 10 Composting Trends In 2020

    Organics disposal bans and tackling contamination are among the leading trends, nationally and regionally.
    Nora Goldstein & Craig Coker

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  • Nora Goldstein, BioCycle Editor

    Editorial: Let’s Connect

    The inaugural edition of BioCycle CONNECT®, the new BioCycle for a new decade, is being delivered January 8, 2020. We’ll be coming to you just about every week in 2020 with new and timely content on organics recycling projects, programs, policies, and practices — as well as dust off some oldies but goodies from BioCycle’s 60 years of article archives.

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  • Sally Brown

    Connections: Compost + Cannabis

    While indoor growing may be done in the blindingly bright light, the industry as a whole is just coming out from the shadows. As an industry, composters can work with cannabis growers to reduce their environmental footprint and even improve product quality.
    Sally Brown

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  • An automated smart conveyor delivers feedstock from the organics recovery facility to fill “hoppers” that feed the digesters.

    Integrated Biogas Alliance Platform To Derisk Biogas Projects

    Biogas technology companies create global partnership to provide technically and commercially integrated solutions.

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  • Food Waste, 1996-2017

    BioCycle World

    • Florida Needs More Organics Recycling To Hit 2020 Goal
    • NRDC’s Food Matters Toolkit
    • Carbon Storage In Soil Protocol — Jan. 15 Webinar

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  • Compost for carbon sequestration

    Composting Roundup

    • Applying Compost For Carbon Sequestration
    • Collecting, Composting Food Waste On Martha’s Vineyard
    • 2019 USCC Awardees
    • Persistent Herbicide Use Is Persisting

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  • Anaerobic Digest

    • Pennsylvania WWTP Fills Food Waste Recycling Demand
    • Unlocking Global Biogas Potential
    • RNG Supply Assessment

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