BioCycle Guidelines on Article Submissions

BioCycle, The Organics Recycling Authority, is published eight times annually by The JG Press, Inc. in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Published since 1960, BioCycle has a history of leadership in reporting on composting and compost manufacturing, renewable energy from organics recycled via anaerobic digestion, edible food recovery, and food waste recycling. Coverage includes all organic materials, including food waste, yard trimmings, biosolids, the source separated organic fraction of MSW, manure and other agricultural, commercial and industrial waste streams. Facility profiles, market developments, scientific research, and detailed equipment reviews, are all a part of BioCycle’s leading edge.

BioCycle’s integrated infrastructure themes connect management and use of organic waste streams to local food production, greenhouse gas reduction, green jobs, soil and water quality, and transportation.

Freelance Submissions

BioCycle accepts freelance article submissions, as well as story pitches for editorial consideration. We request that you familiarize yourself with BioCycle magazine before contacting us. If you are not a subscriber, a few articles each month are available free on our website, or we can mail you a sample copy of the magazine.

Due to the technical nature of BioCycle, and the integrity of its coverage, editors ask for a letter of inquiry, including an outline of the proposed article. Please be brief but specific, explaining the relevance and importance of the topic. If you are a first-time contributor, include a writing sample that illustrates your ability to write technical articles.

In general, we ask for 1,200-1,500 word submissions, with 3-5 high-resolution photos, figures and/or tables. Deadlines are the 15th of every month, with publication in some instances as soon as the next issue — but typically within two issues after article submission. In some cases, articles will be assigned as “web-only” features, i.e., the article will only appear in the on-line edition of BioCycle.

Current News

BioCycle news departments include BioCycle World, Composting Roundup and Anaerobic Digest. News items include: Recent public policies, legislation, regulations and/or project incentives related to composting, anaerobic digestion and markets for the by-products of these processes; Facility startups or expansion; Organics collection programs and strategies; Edible food recovery; Community, campus, institutional and corporate sustainability initiatives related to organics diversion and Zero Waste; Current research; Market development related to by-products such as compost, conditioned biogas, renewable fuels.


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