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Nebraska Hauler Carves Niche With Composting, Zero Waste

Landfills with methane capture in Nebraska can accept yard trimmings. An Omaha sanitation company decided the economics of composting were better than disposal.

AD & Biogas

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AD & Biogas, Operations

Nitty Gritty Of Digester Operations

The U.S. EPA AgSTAR program released its Anaerobic Digester/Biogas System Operator Guidebook in November, a comprehensive technical resource offering best practice guidance related to the operation and maintenance (O&M) of anaerobic digestion (AD)/biogas systems.

Food Waste

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Contamination, Food Waste

Oregon Metro Releases Commercial Food Scraps Contamination Report

In November 2019, Metro, a directly-elected regional government headquartered in Portland, Oregon, completed the “Commercial Food Scraps Composition Study” to evaluate the amount and types of nonacceptable material, known as contaminants, placed in food scraps bins by businesses and their employees in the Metro region.


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Climate, Markets

Applying Compost To Sequester Carbon

A thin layer of compost was applied on a 10-acre sloped section of rangeland in early December in the Altamont Hills east of Livermore, California, kicking off a carbon farming study.

Climate, Composting, Connections, Soil Health, Storm Water Management

Connections: The Great American Lawn

This installment of our Connections’ Drawdown series reviews the pros and cons of lawns, concluding that they ultimately provide more environmental benefits than harm. Part IX

Climate, Food Waste

California’s SB 1383 Regulations Receive Official Stamp Of Approval

Top: Jepson Prairie Organics, Vacaville, CA On November 3, 2020, CalRecycle received a Notice of Approval of Regulatory Action (pdf file) from the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on its SB 1383 Short-Lived Climate Pollutants regulations, making them final and set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. The regulations, initially submitted to OAL for review...


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Composting, Markets

Compost And Humic Substances

Compost contains humic substances — very stable forms of organic matter. A strong positive correlation exists between compost stability/maturity and CEC, and the amount of humic substances.


Compost And Mulch Utilization On California Almond Farm

Tom Rogers and his brother Dan grow almonds on 175 acres of flat, sandy loam soils near Madera, California.

Composting, Food Waste, Markets, Operations

Dirt Hugger Wins Recycler Of Year Award

Dirt Hugger, a source separated organics composting facility in Dallesport, Washington, received the Washington State Recycling Association’s Recycler of the Year award in early November.

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