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Connections: Why Regenerative Agriculture Needs Recycled Organics

The importance of recycled organics in regenerative agriculture needs to be understood, not only by the municipalities that manage the feedstocks, but also by climate strategists and most importantly, state and federal agencies.

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Digesting Dumped Milk, RNG Sea-Tac

The last week has been chock full of anaerobic digestion and biogas news. This roundup includes tips for adding COVID-caused unsold milk to digesters and the latest on a major airport becoming a major RNG offtaker.
Nora Goldstein

Food Waste

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Community Composting, Food Waste

Community Composting Key In Baltimore’s Food Waste Strategy

The City of Baltimore, Maryland’s Food Waste & Recovery Strategy aims to reduce commercial food waste in Baltimore City by 50% and residential food waste by 80% by 2040. Baltimore generates 430,000 tons of trash annually, and the majority is incinerated, contributing to the city’s high asthma rate. At the same time, nearly one in...


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California Climate Smart Ag Initiative Launched

Gov. Jerry Brown announced creation of the Healthy Soils Initiative in 2015. A recent Summit brought stakeholders together to discuss implementation and funding.

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Canada Puts Organics Recycling On The Map

A new, interactive map on The Compost Council Of Canada’s website is the launching point that connects visitors with information about the 313 Canadian composting and anaerobic digestion facilities in Canada along with details on regulations, guidelines and other documents that impact the current and future development of the Canadian organics recycling industry. “This public...

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Clean Materials Economy

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) released a blueprint for transforming the Pacific Northwest’s waste system into “a world-class model that delivers widespread economic, health and environmental benefits.” From Waste Management to Clean Materials details a clear pathway that can create tens of thousands of clean materials jobs across the region by 2040. The starting...


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Comparison Of Compost Laboratory Results

Identical samples of two composts were sent to 6 labs for testing and analysis. Results highlight differences between using the national TMECC standards versus other test methods.
Charles Duprey
BioCycle November/December 2019

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Deep Dive Into Danish Biogas

The state of biogas in Denmark has been driven by economies of scale, standardized designs, buy-in from farmers and, not least, strong, bipartisan policy support.

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Biosolids Compost Manufacturer Taps Agricultural Markets

Lee County, Florida composts biosolids from a dozen treatment plants along with yard trimmings to produce a fertilizer for area farmers, landscapers and homeowners.

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