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BDP Industries is a family owned, Greenwich, NY based company, that has been designing and manufacturing in-vessel, agitated bay compost agitators and other composting related equipment since 1986 with over 30 reference facilities worldwide. The combination of agitation and aeration inside an enclosed facility provides a system that is widely recognized as the most space efficient to achieve stable, homogenized compost for any given feedstock while allowing for optimal odor containment/control.

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is North America’s leading certifier of compostable materials, products, and packaging.  The organization is science-driven, and supports a shift to the circular economy by promoting the production, use, and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments.  The BPI certification program verifies claims of compostability using ASTM standards so that certified products and packaging can be of assistance in the broader effort to keep organics, and specifically wasted food, out of landfills.

EcoSafe’s mission is to make composting second nature. We want to drive organic waste separation by providing certified compostable film products and education to every individual and company that consumes, sells, or processes food.


Fitec Biogas provides robust and reliable equipment solutions for the anaerobic digestion industry across North America. Our designs ensure the long-term success of projects, even with challenging feedstocks like food waste. Our high solids wet systems are the most efficient in the marketplace, maximizing the cleanliness of digestate while minimizing water use. Installations of the Fitec Self-Cleaning Digester system have been in operation for over 20 years with no cleanouts required.

The KEITH® Manufacturing Co. WALKING FLOOR® system is a horizontal unloader that improves efficiency by automating material delivery. Installed in a trailer, the system “walks” material out with no tipping. It enables unloading in areas inaccessible to dump or tipping trailers, such as under utility lines and trees or inside buildings. Installed in a bin, the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system receives, stores and meters food waste, organics and other materials as needed. Bin systems are custom and designed to move tons of material.

Novamont is a Benefit Company, certified B Corporation and world leader in the production of bioplastics plus the development of biochemicals and bioproducts through the integration of chemistry, environment and agriculture. It holds approximately 1,400 patents and patent applications. Novamont has headquarters, R&D facilities and four production plants based in Italy. It is also active internationally with offices in Germany, France, Spain and the United States.

For over 30 years, Rotochopper has specialized in equipment that transforms waste materials into profitable opportunities like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, biomass fuels and compost. As a factory-direct company, we are uniquely focused on providing innovative solutions and extraordinary customer service. We look forward to showing you what is possible with the power and support of Rotochopper.

The Recycling Products Group of Scott Equipment company focuses on producing equipment that allows people to reduce, recycle, recover, and redirect items that used to go to the solid waste landfill. Our clients have recovered food organics, diapers, carpet, personal care products, gypsum wallboard, oil filters, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, peat moss and other growing medium and much more. Our three brands are: Turbo Separator — food organics; GypStream — gypsum wallboard; and EverGreen — point of use separator.

For over 70 years, Trucks & Parts has been the nation’s premier buyer and seller of new, used, and reconditioned trucks. We work hard to earn and maintain our reputation as the leader of quality and integrity. With the largest and highest quality in-stock inventory, we continue to deliver unbeatable value to our customers nationwide. Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle, discover why Trucks & Parts has been the industry’s most recognized and respected name since 1950.

Established in 1960, Vaughan Company® is the industry leader in reliable chopper pumps and mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. American-made and built to last, our pumps and systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the unique needs of any operation. With more than 62 years of experience and four generations of expertise, Vaughan Company remains committed to giving customers around the world outstanding service and the most dependable pumping solutions.

Viably (formerly Komptech Americas) is the North American master distributor of Komptech equipment, Harp Renewables food waste biodigesters, and the U.S. distributor of Scott Equipment Company’s Turbo Separator food waste depackagers. Our specialized product portfolio comprises over 40 machine types engineered to tackle the toughest challenges of Solid and Organic Waste. With a consultative approach and unmatched after-sales support, we empower clients with new capabilities to help them evolve their business and protect our planet.

BioBag International is one of the largest manufacturers of compostable bags and products available to waste management, retail, foodservice and the agri sector, with offices in 12 countries worldwide including bags manufactured in the USA.  BioBag work closely with local communities and governments to help establish food waste separation programs. BioBags play an important part in the collection of organic waste for composting and help increase residential participation rates plus reduce conventional plastic bag contamination.

Coker Composting & Consulting (CC&C) was founded by Craig Coker in 2005 to give organic materials recovery and recycling facilities access to qualified professional consulting assistance at affordable prices. CC&C can handle a wide variety of specialized projects for the digestion and composting industries, including: site evaluations, facility planning, design and construction management, design and implementation of pilot tests, preparation of cost estimates, equipment alternatives evaluations, facility operations manuals, start-up support, operator training, and product marketing and sales support.

Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) develops and manufactures large-scale composting systems and provides a broad range of technical services. Our approach builds upon peer-reviewed science, engineering fundamentals, client feedback, and extensive real-world experience. Since our first projects in 1999, we focus on rapid and comprehensive customer support to keep our client facilities performing their best.  Contact ECS to take your composting to the next level.

Green Mountain Technologies (GMT), founded in 1992, designs and manufactures commercial composting systems for the world market. GMT is dedicated to helping organizations protect the environment, save money and efficiently produce high quality compost. Advanced composting facilities and In-vessel systems have been designed and built for over 400 facilities globally. Our comprehensive product line and technologies offer unique solutions for institutional, commercial and municipal composting facilities of all types.

Kooima Ag® has been manufacturing replacement forage harvester parts, combine parts, mixer wagon knives, header adapters and more since 1988.  More recently Kooima Ag, has become a manufacturer of its own line of Compost Turners including a 14-foot windrow turner and a skid loader attachment compost turner.  Located in Rock Valley, Iowa and with connections in the Ag world, the tuners have been used in many farm applications. 

Reotemp is a family-owned company that understands your goal is to create high quality compost quickly and efficiently. From our state-of-the-art wireless systems to our heavy-duty compost thermometers, we’ve focused on building the most durable and reliable instruments in the industry.

Roto-Mix has built its reputation as the leading manufacturer since 1984 of high-quality mixers and delivery equipment for the compost and livestock feeding industries.  Roto-Mix’s manufacturing facilities are in Dodge City and Hoisington, Kansas, and Sunnyside, Washington. Our over 100 skilled and dedicated employees are committed to deliver a superior product and are proud to say our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. 

The commercial compost industry faces many challenges, including site constraints, process time, and odor and GHG emissions. Sustainable Generation’s Advanced Composting™ Technology, with GORE® Cover helps reduce the risks and complexity of composting operations while meeting environmental compliance. Creating high-quality finished compost at the lowest total cost of ownership, our systems accelerate the natural composting process and make what’s right for the environment, right for the economy.

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions offers solutions for the biomass industry. The SMIMO food depackager separates organics from packaging to turn old food waste into feedstock for compost or renewable energy markets. Ideal for bulk feed operations, SMIMO is known for its robust construction and ability to exceed throughput expectations, maintaining its high capacity throughout continued use. Learn more on our website or call (203) 967-1100.

Vermeer Corporation equipment has led the way into the fast growing industries of recycling and biofuel production with organic recycling equipment that processes organic waste quickly and efficiently, so it can be turned into useful end products. Designed with innovations that help improve productivity, streamline maintenance and protect operators, Vermeer compost turners, horizontal grinders, tub grinders, and trommel screens are built to last and are fully supported with parts and service from your local Vermeer dealer.

Offering heat transfer solutions since 1972, Xchanger is a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers, blower aftercoolers, evaporators and condensers with over 25,000 units installed worldwide.  Our proven, field-tested designs can control temperature and humidity in almost any application.  Inhouse mechanical engineers optimize the performance of every heat exchanger for the specific installation by making simple changes to our standard product line, providing custom designs at a fraction of normal costs. Visit our website, email us, or call (952) 933-2559 to learn more.

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