Market Opportunities For Biosolids

Biosolids dewatering at City of Gresham, Oregon treatment plant

A new study, “North American Biosolids Management Market, Forecast to 2024,” examines growth opportunities for biosolids products. Conducted by the market research firm Frost & Sullivan, growth across biosolids outlets and equipment is expected to drive revenues in the total market from $2.31 billion in 2018 to $2.72 billion in 2024. “Urban and suburban locations are likely to generate the largest revenues but opportunity will exist across North America,” states Seth Cutler, Sustainability and Circular Resource Economy Principal Consultant at Frost & Sullivan. “Market participants will need specific strategies to compete on services, technologies, and business models. Technologies such as thermal hydrolysis, advanced drying, and codigestion, which improve efficiency in dewatering, energy use, and energy capture, will continue to gain acceptance in the market.”

The analysis examines the segments of Class A, Class B, landfill, and incineration. It studies market and growth dynamics and forecasts a growth pipeline, identifies opportunities in vision and strategy, and covers brand and demand. It also examines the potential for market stakeholders such as service providers, equipment manufacturers, and biosolids facility operators. “While Class B biosolids also fall into the beneficial reuse category, concerns over polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination make many site owners apprehensive about large-scale land application,” adds Cutler. “Market participants need to adopt local strategies to align with customer needs. Developing rental and containerized solutions will help open new opportunities in more remote locations and for scalable needs and temporary agreements.”

Financing options, as well as strategic acquisitions, will create growth opportunities by aiding geographic entry, broader portfolios, and smoother value chain management. Other strategies that participants could adopt include partnering with fertilizer companies, creating new marketing and branding strategies, and developing new applications.

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