Doug Pinkerton

Compostable Packaging, Composting, Food Waste, Operations

Protected: Composting Process Conditions And Bioplastic Degradation Rates

AD & Biogas, Climate, Collection, Composting, Facilities, Policies + Regulations

CalRecycle Data On Diversion Of Organics From Mixed Waste

AD & Biogas, Business+Finance, Facilities, Food Waste

Update On Stand-Alone Food Waste Digesters

Climate, Community Composting, Composting, Food Waste, Policies + Regulations, Soil Health

Compost Policy Resources

Collection, Composting, Food Waste, Operations, Policies + Regulations

Upgrading Mulch Facility To Accept Food Waste Streams

AD & Biogas, Composting, Contamination, Food Waste, Policies + Regulations

End Of PFAS Grease Agents In Food Packaging

Composting, Food Waste, Markets, Policies + Regulations, Storm Water Management

Standardizing Compost In Minnesota

AD & Biogas, Climate, Operations, Policies + Regulations

Global Methane Waste Characterization Handbook

AD & Biogas, Biosolids, Climate, Composting, Food Waste, Preprocessing

Modeling GHG Emissions From Source Separated Organics

Climate, Composting, Connections, Contamination, Policies + Regulations, Soil Health, Storm Water Management

Connections: Dispelling Concerns About Phosphorus In Compost

AD & Biogas, Facilities, Food Waste, Policies + Regulations

Regulatory And Community Engagement Guides For AD Facilities

Composting, Facilities, Operations

U.S. Composting Industry Survey

Community Composting, Composting, Facilities, Food Waste

Save Big Reuse’s NYC Composting Site

Compostable Packaging, Composting, Food Waste, Operations

Compostable Packaging Field Disintegration Testing Data Released

Biosolids, Composting, Contamination, Policies + Regulations

EPA Classifies PFOA And PFOS As Hazardous Substances

Collection, Compostable Packaging, Composting, Food Waste

Residential Food Scraps Initiatives In Buffalo

AD & Biogas, Climate, Composting, Food Waste, Soil Health

The Food System’s Natural Circularity

AD & Biogas, Business+Finance, Climate, Markets, Policies + Regulations

Clean Fuels Standard In New Mexico

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