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September 13, 2022 | Biosolids, Composting, Soil Health

BioCycle Editor’s Friday Flush

Spearheaded by Maile Lono-Batura, Director of Sustainable Biosolids Programs at the Water Environment Federation, 2022 Year of Poo is an entertaining gateway to learn about biosolids recycling, the history of wastewater treatment, and interesting facts about “poo and you.” The 2022 Year of Poo is a website and social media platform that “talks straight about the crap we all create.” That crap, or poo, is “frequently misunderstood, conveniently flushed and forgotten, and vastly underestimated – Poo has incredible power beyond the flush.”  Fun Fecal Facts, Friday Flush spots and more are 2022 Year of Poo features. For example, a Fun Fecal Fact Instagram says that when you flush, computing your daily or annual contribution of the recovered “poo pie” is not likely on your radar. It then reports that in the U.S., a total of 5.823 million dry metric tons of poo are produced, which averages out to 37 lbs/person.

The 2022 Year of Poo Friday Flush series showcases “movement makers” who have made poo a part of their “repootoire.” BioCycle Editor Nora Goldstein was invited to set some time aside to “cop a squat with Year of Poo” by recording a YouTube video. Movement makers are asked to “convey the passion you have for poo” by responding to three questions. Goldstein’s responses can be viewed in full by clicking the red arrow in the YouTube video link above. The three questions, and a snapshot of the responses, are below:

Year of Poo: How did you happen upon the fascinating world of poo? Specifically — when and why did you choose to lift the lid and make poo a part of your repootoire?

Goldstein: My father, Jerry Goldstein, started our family publishing business the year I was graduating from college (1978). He had acquired Compost Science (now BioCycle) from his previous employer. I joined the family business and my very first assignment was writing about compost toilets. Standing on the rim of a composting toilet and taking a photo was the beginning of my professional relationship with poo.

Year of Poo: If you had to pick one key floatable nugget of wisdom to share with flushers about your work — what would it be?

Goldstein: Poo is the gift that keeps on giving. At the treatment plant, it contributes to producing biogas, which can be used to generate electricity and make renewable natural gas. Once on the soil, it adds nutrients and organic matter.

Year of Poo: If poo could talk, what would it tell us?

Goldstein: It would say, “Thank you for making me. Now I can go out and work my magic in the world.”

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