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BioCycle Global 2011 Marketplace

BioCycle March 2011, Vol. 52, No. 3, p. 64
Meet the vendors showcasing their equipment and services at BioCycle Global 2011 Conference on Composting, Renewable Energy & Organics Recycling, April 12-13, 2011 in San Diego, CA. For Conference Registration, visit

2G – CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc. is a U.S. Corporation owned by 2G Bio-Energy Technology Corporation (2G Bio-Energietechnik AG) Germany. A leading manufacturer, 2G provides technologically advanced biogas energy conversion systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. All plants are designed and manufactured “connection-ready”. With more than 1,500 biogas power generation plants manufactured, the company’s CHP cogeneration systems guarantee extreme high energy efficiency, reliability and durability.

A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.
A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. is a US Composting Council STA testing laboratory, and an accredited environmental testing laboratory. The laboratory can test feedstocks and composts at all stages of composting for all the required testing parameters.

ADI Systems Inc.
ADI Systems Inc. is a treatment technology and turnkey solutions provider for the industrial wastewater marketplace, offering solutions to industry including high-strength wastewater treatment, water reuse/recycle, stillage and waste solids digestion, and energy recovery and biogas handling. ADI’s technologies are offered on a technology-package or design-build basis and include extensive start-up, commissioning, training, and aftercare support to ensure optimal performance. Bench- and pilot-scale studies are often carried out in advance of full-scale installations to confirm treatability.

AgSTAR is an outreach program jointly sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The program encourages use of biogas recovery technologies at confined animal feeding operations that manage manure as liquids or slurries. These technologies reduce methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas, generate clean energy, and achieve other environmental benefits.

ALLU Group Inc.
ALLU manufactures products such as the ALLU D-Series and the ALLU Windrow Turner. The D-Series is available in Screener Crusher models or Fine Screening models. The D-Series can be used to aerate compost, process food waste, screen soils, animal mortality, shredding and mixing materials.

Amadas Industries
Amadas Industries manufactures industrial equipment for the horticultural and recycling industries that includes bagging machines and screens. Pull-type and self-propelled peanut combines, peanut diggers, traveler irrigators, cotton stalk puller/choppers and edible bean combines are in the Amadas main product line.

American Biogas Council
American Biogas Council is the first anaerobic digestion (AD) industry association in the United States that represents a full range of anaerobic digestion technologies and projects, including farm-based digesters, centralized facilities processing a variety of municipal and industrial organic waste streams, and existing digesters at municipal wastewater treatment plants. The Council is the advocate for policy change in an effort to make industry investment more attractive.

Amerimulch provides landscape coatings and technology for the production of profitable, in-demand color-enriched mulches. Colorants are formulated for superior bonding, coating and coverage and our equipment is designed for producers who want simple, effective, high-volume production. Take the next step in landscape coatings and technology with Amerimulch.

Applied Filter Technology
Since 1996, Applied Filter Technology has custom-designed, installed, fine-tuned and operated biogas-to-energy systems for hundreds of manufacturers, consultants, municipalities and energy companies. Applied Filter Technology is recognized as a worldwide leader in conditioning and recouping waste stream biogas – including chilling, compressing, and removal of sulfur, carbon dioxide and siloxane – with the end goal for our customers of clean power generation and a stronger bottom line.

Applied Technologies, Inc.
Applied Technologies, Inc. is a multidiscipline engineering firm specializing in the conversion of organic material to biogas and the utilization of biogas as a valued energy source in the public and private sectors.

Aschl Management Systems
Aschl Management Software Systems helps recycling and composting companies manufacture top quality products, maintain excellent compliance standards, be highly profitable, and at the same time benefit the environment and climate. Operators are provided with complete material flow documentation from incoming feedstock through processing to finished stockpile and product customer, as well as full back-trace from end product customer to incoming loads. Aschl systems provide effective operations and business management, help control costs, and effectively support sales and marketing.

BDI – BioEnergy International AG
BDI – BioEnergy International AG is a market and technology leader in the construction of customized biodiesel plants using its multifeedstock process, which can produce biodiesel from different raw materials like vegetable oils, used cooking oils and animal fats. Since 1996, BDI has been developing technologies for the optimal industrial processing of by- and waste products. BDI also supplies efficient plant concepts in the ‘Waste to BioFuels’ field that produce biogas from by-products from the biodiesel production and from organic industrial and municipal waste.

BACKHUS North America Inc.
The North American subsidiary of BACKHUS GmbH is the major distributor for leading manufacturer of turning solutions for professional composting, waste processing and bioremediation. Customer dialogue allows BACKHUS to develop concepts for plants and machinery. The company offers the full range of solutions in four product lines: BACKHUS Windrow Turner with turning capacities from 500 m3/hour up to 6,800 m3/hour; Mobile Trapezoid Turner for trapezoidal composting; BACKHUS Lane Turner for composting, bioremediation and MSW treatment between lane walls or in tunnels; and BACKHUS Bridge Turner, an indoor solution for large area plants.

BacTee Systems, Inc.
BacTee Systems provides integration services and hardware for conversion of organic waste streams into energy or beneficial by-products. BacTee combines expertise in engineering, microbiology and process control in the development of facilities that transform biosolids, organic solid wastes, and odorous gases into earth-friendly product streams. Products and services include technical support in raw material characterization, site evaluation, process evaluation and recommendations, and facility planning. Real-time, remote access support is available through the process control system.

BIOFerm Energy Systems
BIOFerm Energy Systems is a leading provider of dry fermentation biogas technology in the United States, delivering turnkey energy solutions that use biomass and organic waste as the primary input. The BIOFerm system provides carbon neutral energy production, reliability, waste volume reduction, fully automated management control systems and energy expenditure savings – attributes that make this system ideal for heat and electric energy production solutions and waste management plans that integrate readily with the client’s industrial, corporate, agricultural, landfill, composting, institutional and real estate operations.

BioBag is the world’s largest brand of biodegradable and certified compostable bags and films. Our bags assist communities with collection of food and lawn waste for composting. BioBag works with numerous haulers, composters and government agencies. Our products use GMO free starches, contain no polyethylene and meet ASTM D6400 specifications.

Bioprocess Control
Bioprocess Control is a market leader in the area of advanced control technologies for the commercial biogas industry. Its AMPTS is quickly becoming the technology of choice for universities, private labs and biogas operators around the world interested in understanding the true methane potential of different substrates. Bioprocess Control has a strong R&D focus, touching upon three core business areas: Laboratory Instruments, Advanced Sensors, and Process Optimization Solutions.

Biorem is a leading clean technology company that designs, supplies and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency biological-based air emissions control systems. These systems are used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and for the sweetening and conditioning of biogas renewable energy.

Brown Bear Corporation
Brown Bear Corporation is a manufacturer of attachments and complete machines for windrow composting, bioremediation and stabilization, sludge drying and land application. Environmental products are used for windrow composting of wastewater biosolids, landfill solids, industrial sludges, agricultural organic crop residues and manures; bioremediation and stabilization of hazardous and nonhazardous hydrocarbon and petrochemical wastes and contaminated soil, industrial sludges and potable water plant residual solids; and land application of liquid, semisolid sludge cake, compost and manure with on/off highway capable transporters.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures
ClearSpan Fabric Structures is the natural choice for renewable energy needs. ClearSpan buildings are engineered, manufactured and constructed with the highest structural integrity, creating the perfect environment for recycling facilities, composting, manure storage, water decontamination and waste distribution centers.

Climate Action Reserve
The Climate Action Reserve is a national offsets program working to ensure integrity, transparency and financial value in the U.S. carbon market. The Reserve establishes regulatory-quality standards for development, quantification and verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects in North America; issuing carbon offset credits known as Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT) generated from such projects; and tracking the transaction of credits over time in a transparent, publicly-accessible system. Adherence to the Reserve’s high standards ensures that emissions reductions associated with projects are real, permanent and additional.

Community Recycling and Resource Recovery Inc.
Community Recycling’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Sun Valley processes residential, commercial and multifamily mixed refuse prior to transfer and disposal. The MRF began to operate as both a mixed waste processing facility and transfer station in 1974. The state-of-the-art mixed waste recycling system has extensive processing equipment including trommels, conveyors, picking platforms, magnets, and air classifier for separation of heavy and lightweight materials.

Continental Biomass Industries, Inc.
Continental Biomass Industries, Inc. (CBI) is the leading provider of portable and stationary biomass recovery and recycling solutions, with emphasis on minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput. CBI’s Magnum Force Series grinders and chippers handle demanding materials and applications in the forestry, construction and demolition debris, MSW, biofuel power generation, pulp and saw mills, mulch, landscaping, and yard waste markets. CBI product line also includes the Grizzly Mill, Wood Waste Hog, the Annihilator, Stationary Screening Systems, Stump Shears, and Log and Stump Screws.

DODA USA INC is leading the way for organics diversion. Systems for processing organics, FOG, SSO and MSW are just a few of DODA’S products. Digester mixers, chopper pumps, and separators are also available. DODA USA can also supply stainless steel valves, digester viewing windows, antivibration fittings, HDPE tanks and a host of items needed for digestion and organics processing.

Doppstadt’s slow-speed shredders, high-speed grinders, trommel screens and sorting stations are engineered for consistent and precise processing of green waste, landclearing debris and other mixed organic materials. DW series shredders in particular deliver a more natural material structure, promoting peak microbial activity in composting by allowing proper airflow and water penetration. Perfectly suited for the production of compost, mulch, biofuel and other end products, the DoppstadtUS product line – with extremely low fuel and maintenance costs – offers cost-effective methods for organic materials processing.

As a leading provider of innovative dairy manure handling equipment throughout North America, DariTech Inc. is bringing its products to the environmental field through DT-Environmental (DTE). With the Enviro-Drum, food and other organic wastes can be handled in a controlled environment. With proper mixing and aeration, the composting process can be greatly accelerated, leading to reduced land and storage requirements and lower manpower and other operating costs.

EISENMANN Corporation
EISENMANN Corporation is a leading international supplier of environmental, renewable energy and manufacturing systems technology. For 60 years, they have offered some of the most advanced process and environmental solutions as well as comprehensive service programs that provide leading performance and eliminate costly downtime for industrial plants around the world.

Engineered Compost Systems
Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) provides in-vessel and aerated static pile systems/technology, facility design, and compost process expertise to the composting industry. It develops client driven strategies to enhance operations and comply with current environmental regulations for protecting air and water. Typical scope of work includes permitting and construction support, mechanical and electrical submittal drawings, providing in-vessel and ASP systems, facility start-up, staff training and ongoing facility and technical support. ECS has over 45 client-operated facilities in North America.

Entec Biogas USA
Offered through a teaming agreement, Reynolds, Inc of Orleans, Indiana and entec biogas gmbh of Fussach, Austria, have partnered together as entec biogas USA. We concentrate on the design and construction of mid and large-scale biogas plants and have significant experience with a wide range of applications. Projects are delivered in a performance based EPC package.

Environmental Rental Solution LLC
Environmental Rental Solution LLC sells and rents shredders, grinders and trommels. Full recycling systems for small to large volumes are available.

ESA is a West Coast-based environmental consulting firm committed to the principles of sustainability. It specializes in resource and land use planning, environmental technical studies and investigations, environmental impact assessment and documentation, and environmental compliance. ESA has offices in San Francisco, Oakland, Petaluma, Woodland Hills, Palm Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento, California; Seattle and Olympia, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Tampa, Florida.

Filtrexx International
Filtrexx International is a proven green technology using locally made, renewable, biobased, compost and other organic materials, for our USA manufactured mesh containment system to create patented products. The Filtrexx system is used in 9 countries, every U.S. state and province in Canada, and available by custom installation, direct purchase on the web, and on pallets through our National Pallet Program. Applications include gardening, agriculture, restoration and erosion control.

GaiaRecycle, LLC
GaiaRecycle, LLC provides innovative on-site food/organic waste recycling and animal oil extraction solutions to food service providers, food retailers, food producers, livestock processing plants and compost facilities. GaiaRecycle systems process a wide variety of materials including mixed food scraps, poultry bones, seafood shells, and liquids. Its patented “double helix” shredder and blade technology accelerates the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding mixed food scraps and organic waste. Output material from processed food waste is a sterilized, compostable soil amendment.

GORE Cover System
W.L. Gore & Associates “GORE™ Cover System” is centered on membrane laminate technology similar to that of its world famous GORE-TEX® fabrics. Integrated system includes GORE™ Cover, in-floor aeration, aeration blowers, oxygen and temperature sensors, controllers, computers, software, cover handling systems, training, engineering guidance, installation support and the experience gained through installing over 150 facilities worldwide. Facilities using the GORE™ Cover System experience a 90-97 percent reduction in process odors.

Harvest Power
With innovative technologies and industry experience, Harvest Power develops, builds, owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities that produce renewable energy and soil enhancement products from discarded organic materials. By harvesting these valuable resources, the company enables communities and businesses to increase their energy independence, reduce their environmental impact and reliably manage their organic waste.

HotRot Solutions
HotRot Solutions offers the world’s most advanced in-vessel composting technology. This revolutionary technology provides superior biochemistry, advanced chemical oxidation, entirely aerobic conditions, no leachate, lowest O&M costs, minimal footprint, and a no odor guarantee. The technology is scalable from 0.5-200 tons/day.

Komptech USA Inc.
Komptech USA Inc. is a leading international technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source.

LANDTEC North America
LANDTEC North America is a leading provider of monitoring systems for renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction and reporting, and has extensive experience in carbon credit (CDM) projects around the world. LANDTEC designs and manufactures portable and continuous methane analyzers, advanced thermal mass flow meters, software and products for biogas, anaerobic digesters, landfill gas extraction and other methane recovery projects. A certified ISO 9001:2000 company, our calibration facilities in California and the U.K. are equipped with state of the art equipment and are ISO-17025 certified.

MT-Energie USA, Inc.
MT-Energie USA, Inc. is a leading producer of efficient, turnkey biogas plants. Services include the design, planning and construction of biogas plants and specialty biogas components. Additionally, MT-Biomethan GmbH offers an innovative gas conditioning and injection technology that reaches optimum values in the upgrading of biogas to natural gas quality. Founded in Germany, MT-Energie now has 12 locations worldwide with over 400 biogas plants in operation. Intensive biological process support and technological services provided by MT-Energie ensure that each biogas plant is in good hands.

MWM of America, Inc.
MWM of America, Inc. is a manufacturer of “Best in Class” gas engines that utilize biogas. Having over 100 years of experience, MWM is considered a pioneer of the gas engine market. MWM is best known for its high electrical efficiencies, long engine life and low emissions. Our product range begins at 400 kW and can go as large as 4 MW. Turnkey containerized systems can be provided in the range of 400 kW to 2 MW, which can be paralleled together to obtain a combined higher output.

Managed Organic Recycling, Inc.
Managed Organic Recycling, Inc provides equipment and engineering to the composting and waste management industries and specializes in the aerated static pile composting method utilizing breathable membrane covers.

McGill Environmental Systems
McGill, a pioneer in the field of industrial-scale organics recycling, celebrates its 20th year of service to industries, municipalities and agribusiness. With six regional composting facilities in the U.S. and Ireland, McGill processes about 360,000 tonnes of organics annually in the manufacture of a line of quality soil amendment products. All are indoor operations offering year-round waste conversion in tightly-controlled environments. Materials processed range from food waste to biosolids to industrial by-products. Mobile dewatering, transportation and product marketing, as well as package plants and bioenergy systems, are all part of McGill’s service offerings.

Midwest Bio Systems
For compost turning capacity needs small, medium or large, Midwest Bio-Systems has the right equipment. The Aeromaster Composting System allows farmers or custom applicators to produce humus that saves on fertilizer costs yet increases yields.

Morbark, Inc.
Morbark manufactures equipment for a variety of applications involving wood and organic materials including forestry, sawmill, tree care and recycling. The product line includes hand fed chippers to self-feeding whole tree chippers, tub and horizontal grinders, debarkers, sawmill equipment, and attachments to get the job done. Morbark’s extensive line of equipment is known for uniform, predictable quality, tailored to meet the customers’ needs for many years.

Natur-Tec® manufactures biobased and compostable plastics intended to replace conventional, petroleum-based plastics. Natur-Tec® has a broad bioplastics portfolio which spans flexible film, foam, rigid injection molded materials and engineered plastics. These applications allow for the manufacture of 100 percent certified biodegradable and compostable products, such as Natur-Bag®compostable bags, food service products including Natur-Ware®compostable cutlery, and product packaging.

Norseman Environmental Products
Norseman Environmental’s line of products include curbside collection recycling boxes, organic recycling bins, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel and the Earth Machine™Backyard Compost Bin to improve recycling rates, conserve natural resources and help the environment. The Norseman brand of products is now from ORBIS Corporation. Norseman Environmental offers value-added educational programming, community outreach and environmental expertise as it works with municipalities and haulers to identify recycling/diversion goals and assist in planning curbside recycling or diversion programs to meet residents’s needs.

Novamont North America
Novamont is a leading producer of certified biodegradable/compostable resins. Novamont’s resins use certified, GMO free renewable resources; many carry the Vincotte OK Compost Home certification. Since 1989 its family of Mater-Bi resins have been used worldwide to produce compostable products like bags, liners and food service ware that are essential for the effective separation, collection and composting of organic waste. Novamont focuses on the lifecycle benefits of organics diversion, promoting sustainable development through innovation.

OWS, Inc.
OWS, Inc. is a global leader in both internationally accredited testing of materials for compostability/biodegradability/digestibility as well as the design/build of AD plants. OWS’s proprietary DRANCO and DRANCO Farm systems provide the maximum reliability for profitable operations and adaptability to the rapidly changing landscape of feedstocks and offtake markets. Stop by to see our latest projects.

EcoSafe® are leaders in the development and distribution of BPI Certified and Brown Line™ tested and approved compostable products. Through our EcoSafe® Zero Waste Diversion™ Program, our Affiliates support the development of cradle to cradle solutions for the source separation and collection of compostable organics without contamination… one community or facility at a time.

Pacific Rock and Recycle Equipment Company
Pacific Recycle is an equipment dealer with over 25 years of experience in materials processing and handling as well as the organics recycling industries. Utilizing the products we represent, the company is able to assist customers in selecting the “right” piece of equipment for their needs. Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Co. sells equipment manufactured by McCloskey International Ltd., Scarab Manufacturing, Hawker Corporation Airlift Separators and Badger Shredding Products.

Peterson Pacific Corp.
Peterson Pacific is an industry leader in sales of heavy-duty grinders used in composting, mulch and biomass markets. Our equipment lines include pulpwood tree processors and blower trucks.

REOTEMP Instruments
REOTEMP Instruments has been manufacturing compost thermometers (in the USA) for over 20 years. Other products include compost thermometers, moisture meters, oxygen probes, data loggers and wireless monitoring systems. REOTEMP is committed to making high quality, long-lasting products which can withstand the harsh compost environment.

Resource Recovery Systems International, Inc.
Resource Recovery Systems International sells and leases new and refurbished KW self-propelled, straddle type windrow turners both domestically and internationally. The KW line includes six standard models each with several options; units can be customized to meet customer needs. Dr. Les Kuhlman is active in consulting on many composting projects internationally.

Ro-Flo Compressors, LLC
Ro-Flo Compressors, LLC is the premier supplier of rotary vane compressors to the world’s energy markets. Handling from 2 to 2,000 SCFM and from deep vacuums to 150 PSIG pressures, Ro-Flo is an ideal selection for many contemporary landfill, digester and process gas applications. Historically Ro-Flo’s have been employed in VRU service in the oil and gas markets. Our cost-effective gas management, simple maintenance and unparalleled reliability have spurred hundreds of applications in green energy projects in many countries. Ro-Flo combines this proven track record with excellent flexibility and response quality to inquiries and orders.

Ros Roca envirotec SL
Ros Roca envirotec SL is part of the Ros Roca Environment Group, which has over 60 years experience in the waste industry including both the manufacture of garbage vehicles and waste treatment technology. Ros Roca envirotec is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial wet and dry anaerobic digestion systems with many reference plants of varying capacities successfully operating throughout Europe, handling a variety of feedstocks (MSW, food and food processing wastes, agricultural wastes and energy crops). It is also known for leading edge technology in mechanical biological treatment and biogas upgrade.

Roto-Mix LLC
ROTO-MIX LLC manufactures three different and unique types of compost mixers, in a range of sizes to handle any job, large or small. A vertical line and two horizontal lines of mixers are available. Mixers come in truck, trailer or stationary models. Many accessories, including electronic scales, conveyors, stainless steel liners and shells, are available. ROTO-MIX also has a complete line of unique compost spreaders, with vertical beaters, in truck or trailer models.

Rotochopper, Inc.
Rotochopper, Inc. manufactures an extensive lineup of diesel and electric powered grinding equipment for processing wood waste, agricultural residue, and asphalt shingle waste for use as colored landscape mulch, biomass fuel, compost, animal bedding, and hot mix asphalt supplement (from shingles). For over 20 years, Rotochopper has been helping companies around the world develop and foster new opportunities for low-value materials. Equipment solutions – available in a range of sizes, as well as portable, stationary and track mounted configurations – include horizontal grinders, hammermills, asphalt shingle grinders, and mobile bagging systems.

Scarab Manufacturing
Scarab Manufacturing has over 38 years of experience in engineering and building the world’s most fuel efficient and productive windrow turners. Odor problems? Scarab now offers an affordable indoor solution with better economics than covers.

Stewart Engineered Equipment Company
(714) 840-0075
Stewart Engineered Equipment offers gas compression, conditioning and treatment systems. Complete engineering, design and fabrication for turnkey systems, including PLC controls, are available. Complete systems for burners, engines, fuel cells, gas turbines, microturbines and other special designs are available. The designs are field proven. Contact us for immediate engineering answers.

Synagro is North America’s leading provider of beneficial use management services for municipal biosolids and other organic residuals. Synagro’s high-quality, cost-effective management services include facility site development, design, financing, construction, operation, transportation, public relations, community acceptance programs, permitting and end product marketing. Capabilities include direct land application and reclamation; dewatering (installation and operation); composting; mobile dewatering; alkaline pasteurization/stabilization; lagoon and digester cleaning; heat drying and pelletizing; rail transportation.

US Composting Council
US Composting Council is the national organization dedicated to promote composting and compost use to enhance soils and provide economic and environmental benefits for our members and society. We believe that the recycling of organic materials is central to achieving healthy soils, clean water and a sustainable society. The association achieves this vision by educating professionals, policy-makers and the public; serving as an advocate to promote composting; encouraging and promoting research and adoption of best management practices; and bringing together organics management and allied professionals, generators of organic residuals, policy-makers, regulators, and product users to pursue this vision.

US EPA Region 9
US EPA Pacific Southwest Region supports innovative approaches for reducing and recycling food scraps and yard trimmings. EPA provides technical assistance to cities, tribal communities, and other stakeholders to expand organics recycling and other waste reduction options.

Vaughan Company, Inc.
For 50 years, Vaughan Company has been a leader in quality and service in the pumping industry. The company specializes in process mixing systems, biowaste, as well as fats, oils and grease recycling. Vaughan’s Rotamix®Process Mixing System is a cost-effective means of mechanical jet mixing, consisting of an engineered arrangement of floor mounted nozzles fed by a Vaughan® chopper pump. Continuously chopped solids eliminate nozzle clogging and enhance sludge quality. Vaughan promises the best in product design, reliability, dependability and availability, as well as service and support, to assure the lowest life cycle costs.

Vermeer Corporation
Vermeer and Wildcat are leading the way in the organic recycling market with equipment that processes organic waste quickly and efficiently, so that it can be turned into useful end products. Designed with innovations that help improve productivity, streamline maintenance and protect operators, Vermeer compost turners, horizontal grinders, tub grinders and Wildcat compost turners and trommel screens are built to last and fully supported with parts and service from local Vermeer dealers.

Vision Recycling
Vision Recycling – a service company excelling in turnkey wood and green waste diversion solutions for landfills – processes green waste and food waste into compost, mulch and wood chips for retail sale. Using Diamond Z tub grinders, Vision Recycling effectively transforms green waste into environmentally friendly compost and mulch products.

Westech Engineering
Westech Engineering, Inc. supplies equipment for water, wastewater and industrial applications, including mixers and covers for anaerobic digesters. Its DuoSphere™ gasholder structures made from high-strength fabrics are a cost-effective biogas storage solution that range in gas-holding volumes from 20 to 5,000m3. In addition to gas storage, the DuoSphere is designed to regulate pressure and flows from digesters as gas is utilized to produce heat and/or electricity. Complementing WesTech’s complete line of steel digester covers, the DuoSphere™ Digester Cover is a unique and easily-installed solution for digester tanks.

Western Energy Systems
Western Energy Systems is the distributor for most of the West Coast area, including Alaska and Hawaii, for the GE/Jenbacher 335 kW to 3 MW and Capstone 65 kW and 200 kW products.

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