Jerome Goldstein

Jerome Goldstein, Editor and Publisher Emeritus of BioCycle

Jerome Goldstein, Editor and Publisher Emeritus of BioCycle, founded the magazine as Compost Science in 1960. At the time, Jerry was editor of Organic Gardening & Farming magazine, and recognized the connection between organic wastes, composting, healthy soils and sustainable agriculture. In his editorial in the inaugural edition, he wrote: “Our editorial objective is to set up a central medium — a ‘clearinghouse’ — for valuable information for municipal and industrial officials responsible for the treatment and disposal of organic waste… We are publishers and editors thoroughly convinced that there is a need to conserve this country’s as well as the world’s natural resources. We believe that converting municipal and industrial organic wastes into useful products would be an effective step forward in a long-range conservation program.”

In 1978, Jerry decided it was time to strike out on his own, creating The JG Press, Inc. with his wife, Ina Pincus, and daughters Rill Ann Goldstein Miller and Nora Goldstein. He continued publication of Compost Science under an expanded title, Compost Science/Land Utilization (CSLU). In 1979, The JG Press, Inc. launched In Business, the magazine for sustainable communities and enterprises. In 1981, CSLU was renamed BioCycle, to symbolize the potential of biological recycling of organic waste streams.

In 1993, the Journal of Compost Science & Utilization was launched, with the major objective to increase interaction between compost practitioners and researchers — and improve compost process control and product quality. “Utilization of the composted end product becomes more critical as the number of projects recycling organic residuals expands,” wrote Jerome Goldstein in the premier issue. “That is the reason the word ‘utilization’ is an integral part of the journal’s title.”

To this day, BioCycle and The JG Press, Inc. have not wavered from their mission of advancing the science and practice of conserving resources in the municipal, agricultural and industrial waste streams via “biological” conversion technologies and practices — composting, anaerobic digestion and treatment to enable direct utilization.

BioCycle magazine, and BioCycle Conferences are your go-to source for essential information on recovering the maximum value out of every ton of organic waste generated.


Books authored by Jerome Goldstein

Garbage As You Like It, 1969
How To Manage Your Company Ecologically, 1971
The New Food Chain, 1973
Sensible Sludge, 1977
Recycling: How To Reuse Wastes In Home, Industry and Society, 1979
In Business For Yourself, 1982
How To Start A Family Business & Make It Work, 1984