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BioCycle October 2010, Vol. 51, No. 10, p. 56

Tractor-Powered Turner
The TracTurn, a high-performance compost turner capable of moving more than 2,500 cubic yards in an hour, requires a tractor of at least 200 HP (250 — 300 HP is preferred) equipped with a reverse-drive system and capable of lifting 11 tons. “The largest advantage is the biological performance,” says Aurel Lubke, managing director of Compost Systems GmbH of Austria, which manufactures the TracTurn. Because the unit moves the material being turned off to one side, it saves wheel loader hours and also assures that fresh material will never come in contact with finished compost, he explains. This is particularly beneficial when composting food residuals, especially those containing meat. The TracTurn also helps make optimal use of space and will handle any pile shape from trapezoidal to triangular to overlapping. The equipped side cutter is capable of cutting through any size or shape pile up to 7.5 feet. Visit

Company Contracts To Sell 14 CHP Modules
2GCENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc. has contracted to sell 14 high-efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration modules to 10 anaerobic digester dairy farm projects in the western U.S. “The total value of the supply contract is estimated to exceed $11 million,” says Michael J. Turwitt, president and CEO of 2GCENERGY. “The agreement covers all aspects of the logistics, installation, commissioning and product support.” The projects are located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. Grants and permits are being finalized, Turwitt says, adding that California – even with its stringent engine emissions standards in some parts of the state – is also on the company’s radar. “Our advanced biogas mixing technology, combined with our system software and controls, and appropriate catalytic oxidation treatment, enable us to offer, sell and install biogas CHP cogeneration systems in southern California. We are able to fulfill the requirements for maximum exhaust concentration limits for digester biogas fired engines. A very thorough biogas cleaning is required in order to prevent catalytic converter damage. That’s an economic balance to be considered on a case-by-case basis.” To learn more, visit

Mobile Whole-Tree Chippers
Bandit Industries, Inc. has introduced two new whole tree chippers with mobile capabilities. “The Model 2290 Track is an extremely versatile chipper that will excel in most every type of land clearing operation,” said Bandit Industries President Jerry Morey. “Its smaller size makes it particularly useful in areas with spongy ground or steep inclines, where towable chippers may not be a viable option.” Driving the 2290 track is a Caterpiller 315L undercarriage. The new Model 3090 Track offers a self-propelled version of Bandit’s 3090 drum-style whole tree chipper. Fully outfitted with a cab and loader, the footprint of the Model 3090 Track is just over 11 pounds per square inch. Visit

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