NYC Commercial Organics

February 18, 2020 | General

Third Tier Of NYC Businesses Added To Organics Regulations

NYC Commercial Organics

Image courtesy New York City Department of Sanitation

The third tier of organics regulations for New York City (NYC) businesses has been signed into law and will be hitting the streets on July 31, 2020, reports Common Ground Compost, which offers source separation set-up, training and organics collection services. The following types of businesses are being added to the existing regulations, requiring them by law to separate their organic waste (includes food scraps, plant trimmings, food-soiled paper and certified compostable products):
• Food service establishments with at least 8,000 square feet (sq.ft.)
• Food preparation establishment with at least 6,000 sq.ft.
• A catering establishment whenever an event anticipates greater than 100 attendees
• Temporary public events with greater than 500 people/day, excluding filming, demonstration, parade, or block parties.
Business tiers that already must comply are restaurant chains of 100 or more NYC locations; restaurants that are 15,000 sq.ft. or more; and retail food stores that are 25,000 sq.ft. or more.

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