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West Coast Conference Marketplace

BioCycle March 2010, Vol. 51, No. 3, p. 43
Meet the vendors showcasing their equipment and services at the 25th Annual BioCycle West Coast Conference on Composting, Organics Recycling and Renewable Energy, April 13-14, 2010 in San Diego, California.

4Recycling Ltd
4Recycling Ltd specializes in cost-effective and innovative recycling of industry by-products as well as provides consultancy services to waste producers, waste management companies and regulators. Materials are recycled from the following industries: water and wastewater treatment, textile, food and drink, plasterboard and gypsum, yard trimmings, paper and tissue manufacturing, wood waste, dredgings, mechanical biological treatment residues, digestates from anaerobic digestion processes, lime and composts. These valuable resources are utilized in land restoration and revegetation, the manufacture of fertilizer substitutes and soil conditioning/improvement.

A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.
A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories is a US Compost Council STA testing laboratory and is an accredited environmental testing laboratory. A & L Laboratories can test feedstocks and composts at all stages of composting for all the required testing parameters.

Air Phaser Environmental Ltd.
Air Phaser is a new technology using nonthermal plasma for odor and VOC control. It uses only electricity to operate, deodorizing air volumes from 100 to 1,000,000 m3/hr. It is effective on air emitted from municipal waste stations, garbage, composting, food and animal feed.

ALLU Group
ALLU manufactures specialty products such as the ALLU SM Processing Attachments and the AS Windrow Turner. The ALLU SM is used for aerating compost, processing food waste, screening soils, animal mortality, shredding and mixing materials. ALLU now offers fine screening models for skid steers, wheel loaders and excavators.

Amadas Industries
Amadas manufactures industrial equipment for the horticultural and recycling industries that includes bagging machines and screens. Pull-type and self-propelled peanut combines, peanut diggers, traveler irrigators, cotton stalk puller/choppers and edible bean combines are in the Amadas main product line.

Amerimulch provides landscape coatings and technology for the production of profitable, in-demand, color-enriched mulches. Amerimulch colorants are formulated for superior bonding, coating and coverage and our equipment is designed for producers who want simple, effective, high-volume production.

Andgar Corporation
Established in 1935, Andgar Corporation specializes in all facets of construction and project management. Andgar Corporation has partnered with GHD, Inc. a U.S. technology provider to market, construct, and general contract its two-stage plug flow anaerobic digesters across the western U.S. The benefits of a GHD, Inc./Andgar Corporation anaerobic digester are the integration of the entire system from start to finish including permitting, utility correspondence, and manure handling into a new or existing farm. GHD’s patented design produces large volumes of biogas and high quality fiber with the ability to receive organic substrates in addition to animal waste. The patented anaerobic digester is successful in hot and cold climates and works well with scrape, flush, and vacuum manure collection systems.

Aschl Management Systems
Aschl Management Systems provides management software systems to help recycling and composting companies produce top quality, maintain excellent compliance standards, be highly profitable, and at the same time, benefit environment and climate. Aschl systems reduce paperwork and increase profitability, simplify compliance reporting and documentation, provide effective operations and business management, help control costs, and effectively support sales and marketing.

BACKHUS North America Inc.
BACKHUS offers mobile turners for triangular windrows with turning capacities of 500 to 6,800 m3 per hour; mobile turners for trapezoidal windrows for heavy duty work in trapezoidal windrow composting with a turning capacity of 2,000 m3 per hour; and fully automatic lane turners for effective waste management in enclosed facilities. BACKHUS provides advice on classical composting methods, sewage sludge composting, biomechanical stabilization of refuse for landfills, biological drying of waste materials, reprocessing of fermentation products from biogas reactors and biological soil decontamination.

BacTee Systems, Inc.
BacTee Systems is recognized as a preeminent provider of customized aeration floor designs for biofilters and a range of composting facilities including: ASPs, aerated windrows and agitated tunnel reactors. Noting the various limits of existing cover technology, BacTee has developed two unique products: the company’s flagship cover system, the CompostCov-R™, a retractable, impermeable cover system that allows the operator optimum process control unfettered by freezing membranes, pore-sizes and problems with membrane placement during those “high-wind” days; and a dual-membrane cover system particularly suited to ASPs and covered windrows. BacTee now also provides compost integration services, independent of process desired.

The innovative Kompoferm® anaerobic digestion system for biogas extraction is a unique dry fermentation process that is highly efficient, with low investment costs and high biogas yields. Distributed by Bulk Handling Systems in North America, the Kompoferm® process meets the growing demand for more economy and ecology in the waste-to-energy industry. Utilizing a well-controlled, biologically-stable and proven design, the percolate cycle ensures our dry fermentation plants produce biogas at a uniformly high level with low operating costs and energy requirements. The unique layout shortens the percolate path to a minimum and significantly reduces the area required for the system. Production is continuous, simple, reliable, safe and highly-automated.

BIOFerm Energy Systems
BIOFerm™ Energy Systems is a subsidiary and wholly owned company of the Viessmann Group. Established in 1917, the Viessmann Company is a reputable and reliable leader in heating and renewable energy technologies. BIOFerm™ GmbH was founded in 2001 and has since become the world leader in providing turn-key dry fermentation anaerobic digestions systems. There are currently 29 BIOFerm™ projects operating around the world. BIOFerm™ Energy Systems established in the United States in 2007, is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Biorem is a clean technology company that designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency air emissions control systems used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

Biosolids Recycling/Odour Stop
The company represents the GE Odour Stop Cover System and Intellergy Corporation’s steam reforming technology that produces hydrogen from biomass, plastics, and MSW.

Brown Bear Corporation
Brown Bear Corporation manufactures attachments and self-propelled machines for biosolids drying and composting. Brown Bear equipment provides an economical mechanical solution to dry sludge in beds, blend bulking agents or additives, pulverize and aerate material for aerobic composting.

California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) was established January 1, 2010 to combine California’s recycling and waste management programs. By consolidating the programs of the California Integrated Waste Management Board and the Department of Conservation’s Division of Recycling, CalRecycle plays an important role in the stewardship of the state’s vast resources and promotes innovation in technology to encourage economic and environmental sustainability. CalRecycle regulates the handling, processing and disposal of solid waste to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also strives to achieve and maintain high recycling rates for a variety of beverage containers.

Centriphase, an equipment rental company specializing in centrifuges, supplies a wide variety of decanter centrifuges for all applications. Centrifuge failure can cause an immediate backlog of material build up, operation shutdown and loss of productivity. Built on a platform of 24 hours a day, seven days a week service, Centriphase provides immediate substitution of any malfunctioning centrifuge. Service technicians will assist in installation, training and optimization of equipment performance.

Colorbiotics is an industry leader in the research, development, production, sale, and support of colorants and coloring systems for a variety of applications. Colorbiotics continually looks to increase customers’ versatility with new products and profitability with more efficient and effective solutions. Colorants cover a wide spectrum of color choices for wood, rock, sand, and rubber. Colorbiotics is the only ISO 9001-registered manufacturer in the industries it competes in, ensuring consistency, quality, and performance in every lot.

Community Recycling and Resource Recovery Inc.
Community Recycling’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Sun Valley offers the opportunity to process residential, commercial and multifamily mixed refuse prior to transfer and disposal. The MRF began to operate as both a mixed waste processing facility and transfer station in 1974. The state-of-the-art mixed waste recycling system has extensive processing equipment including trommels, conveyors, picking platforms, magnets, and air classifier for separation of heavy and light weight materials. Recyclable materials are extracted through both manual and automated systems; the facility tracks total tons processed, recycled, and disposed as residue. Recycling are provided to the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation, which has a certification system for further verifying recycling rates of various facilities in the Los Angeles region.

Diamond Z
Diamond Z has been manufacturing waste reduction equipment since 1989. Machines from 30,000 lbs/400 horsepower to 180,000 lbs/2400 horsepower are available. All models are offered axle or track mounted. Diamond Z has long been known as the industry innovator.
North American partner of DODA, located in Buscoldo, Italy. Product lines include chopper pumps, agitators, separators, biogas mixers and accessories. New Urban Organics System converts bagged garbage, organic waste streams and MSW to useable digester substrate or compostable product.

As a leading provider of innovative dairy manure handling equipment throughout North America, DariTech Inc. is bringing its products to the environmental field through DT-Environmental (DTE). With the Enviro-Drum, food and other organic wastes can be handled in a controlled environment. With proper mixing and aeration, the composting process can be greatly accelerated, leading to reduced land and storage requirements and lower manpower and other operating costs. Using extra heavy duty components, Enviro-Drum systems bring excellent quality and workmanship to institutional applications such as universities, hospitality, health care, corrections, and others. DTE makes it possible to affordably process and recycle organic waste on site.

®enbasys is based in Austria and has developed a new technology for biogas production. The innovative ENBAFERM High Load Hybrid Reactor system is three times more efficient than traditional biogas systems. Besides the fermenter itself, ®enbasys also supplies all required components for successful anaerobic digestion systems such as substrate management (treatment), wastewater treatment and biogas conversion. ®enbasys delivers turn-key plants including design, engineering, plant supply and construction. The focus is on process stability and long-term reliability so that continuous biogas production is guaranteed. Via its partner companies VTU Engineering and BDI-BioDiesel, ®enbasys is now offering its technology and services globally.

Engineered Compost Systems
Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) is an innovative industry leader with more client compost systems operating in North America than any other technology provider. ECS is committed to providing clients with a solution that is tailored to best meet their economic, environmental and technological needs. Working with ECS begins with a rigorous design approach they’ve developed over the past decade…combined with their unparalleled range of In-Vessel and ASP systems and component offerings that provide ECS clients with appropriate and sustainable process options. ECS clients are thus better able make informed decisions on whether or not to proceed with a new potential project or facility upgrade; and which, among many process options, best suits their unique application and needs.

Environmental Rental Solutions LLC
Environmental Rental Solutions has a full line of shredders, grinders, and trommels. No matter what the application is, portable, mobile, and stationary solutions are offered. ERS specializes in material processing and offers sales, rentals and service. ERS has offices in Sacramento, and Los Angeles. Authorized dealer for DoppstadtUS and Buffalo Turbine.

Essential Consulting Oregon, LLC (EC Oregon)
EC Oregon was established in 2005. Its mission is cultivating renewable biomass energy solutions for agricultural and business communities – specializing in anaerobic digestion technology in the western states. Consulting services include feasibility studies, feedstock/resource assessment, business plan development and funding options, vendor evaluation, financial modeling with valuation of incentives and environmental credits. Project management includes development of project schedule, execution plan, controls, project team, incentives-tax credits-permitting applications, utility interconnection/PPAs and commissioning plan. More than 16 extensively detailed feasibility studies leading to the development of two large-scale biogas plants, in addition to 6+ projects in the areas of resource assessment and carbon offset technical consulting have been completed to date.

Filtrexx International
Filtrexx is a proven green technology that can be used in over 100 applications. Filtrexx uses locally made, annually renewable, biobased, recycled compost and other organic materials, contained by our USA manufactured mesh containment system to create patented products used around the world. This all-natural Filtrexx system is currently in nine countries, every state in the U.S. and province in Canada, and available via direct purchase on the web.

Global Water & Energy, LLC (GW&E)
Global Water & Energy, LLC (GW&E) is a complete industrial wastewater and bio-waste to energy solutions provider and one of the world’s leading anaerobic digestion technology providers. GW&E has an extensive portfolio of leading technologies, designed to provide efficient, high-performance, economical solutions to industrial wastewater issues and to provide renewable energy from a wide variety of organic residuals and wastewaters. With nearly 40 years of anaerobic digestion experience and nearly 500 installations worldwide, GW&E has the experience and knowledge to tackle the toughest applications.

Gore Cover System
W.L. Gore & Associates “GORE™ Cover System” is centered on membrane laminate technology similar to that of its world famous GORE-TEX® fabrics. The integrated system includes GORE™ Cover, in-floor aeration, aeration blowers, oxygen and temperature sensors, controllers, computers, software, cover handling systems, training, engineering guidance, installation support and the experience gained through installing over 150 facilities worldwide. Facilities using the GORE™ Cover System experience a 90-97% reduction in process odors when compared to uncovered systems. Other system attributes include a small facility footprint, low energy requirements, low operating costs, short installation times, greater than 99% contaminant of bioaerosols, and producing stable compost in just 8 weeks.

Green Mountain Technologies
GMT was founded in 1992 to develop technology for the composting industry. GMT manufactures turn-key in-vessel systems and computer control systems for aerated static pile (ASP) composting. GMT also creates software tools and monitoring instruments for windrow composting sites to automate compliance with EPA 503 class A regulations.

HCL Machine Works has been in the business of making rugged, dependable and cost-effective agricultural equipment since 1947. The HCL Windrow Compost Turner is PTO driven and has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse all around the country and in many places around the world. The 10-foot model is street legal to tow, and the 12-foot model is wide enough manage piles from a walking-floor truck bed.

Harvest Power
Through innovative technologies and unparalleled industry experience, Harvest provides the next generation of organic waste management: renewable energy and high-quality compost. Harvest Power assists communities with source separation programs, builds renewable energy facilities and utilizes composting technologies and expertise to produce and market high-quality compost-based products.

HotRot Solutions
HotRot is a unique in-vessel composting system. It is the only system in the industry to offer an Odor-Free Process Guarantee. The HotRot System produces no leachate and is the only technology in the world that has a process which operates with an alkaline pH and which creates the perfect conditions for bacterial colonies to flourish. The HotRot System can manage a broad range of organic waste products such as all types of food waste, yard waste and biosolids. A HotRot System can produce a very stable compost in as few as 10 days.

IPS Composting System/Siemens Water Technologies
IPS Composting System (IPS) by Siemens Water Technologies is an automated, agitated bin technology that is used in a wide range of applications. Those applications include Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), Mechanically Enhanced Biodrying, and composting of source separated organics (SSO), municipal solid waste (MSW), biosolids, and anaerobic digestion digestate.

KOMPTECH is a leading innovator in the mechanical processing of solid waste and biomass. KOMPTECH technology is in use around the world, helping to reduce landfill volumes, increase recycling efficiency, and transform waste into valuable raw materials and fuels.

Kraft Energy Systems
“Kraft” was founded in 1965, and today are leaders in the field of generator power systems, combined heat and power (CHP), power transmission products, diesel and gas engines and generator sets for both stand-by and continuous duty applications, as well as full service, parts and accessories. The focus of Kraft Energy Systems is on the sales, distribution, maintenance, and renting of a wide range of gas and diesel engines and generator power systems for industrial, residential, marine, mobile and combined heat and power/cogeneration applications. Our systems operate on a variety of fuels including natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mining gas, diesel and Biofuels.

Managed Organic Recycling, Inc
Managed Organic Recycling, Inc provides equipment, engineering, and consulting to the compost and waste management industries and specializes in In-vessel Aerated Static Pile Composting Systems with Covers.

Metallurgie des Appalaches
Since 1961, MENART has offered tailor-made machinery for on-farm recycling and for professionals in maintenance of our environment. Specializing in composting technologies for over 20 years, MENART manufactures its own total recycling machinery chain for the production of compost from urban waste – i.e. shredders, windrow turners, screens, sorting lines and equipment solutions.

Morbark, Inc.
Morbark builds equipment that creates opportunities in the forestry, recycling, sawmill, biomass, and tree care markets. Morbark equipment helps customers harvest, process, and convert wood and other organic materials into valuable, useful, and environmentally sound products. In addition to their heavy-duty, reliable equipment, Morbark’s first class parts and service professionals provide unmatched customer support.

Natur-Tec Compostable Products
Natur-Tec® engineers and manufactures biobased and compostable plastics intended to replace conventional, petroleum-based plastics. Natur-Tec® has a broad bioplastics portfolio which spans flexible film, foam, rigid injection molded materials and engineered plastics. These applications allow for the production of 100% certified biodegradable and compostable finished products, such as compostable bags, food service products, and product packaging.

Norseman Environmental Products/Orbis Company
Norseman Environmental’s line includes organic recycling bins, curbside recycling boxes, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel and the Earth Machine™ Backyard Compost Bin to improve recycling rates, conserve natural resources and protect the environment. The Norseman brand of products, now from ORBIS Corporation, has been preferred by municipalities and haulers in the United States, Canada and beyond for decades. Norseman Environmental understands how recycling and diversion programs work. With value-added educational programming, community outreach and environmental expertise, the Norseman group helps communities meet waste diversion goals while improving our environment.

Novamont S.p.A.
Novamont is one of the world’s leading producers of certified biodegradable resins. Since 1989, its family of Mater-Bi resins have been used worldwide to produce compostable products like bags, liners and food service ware that are essential for the effective separation, collection and composting of organic waste. Novamont focuses on the lifecycle benefits of organics diversion, promoting sustainable development through innovation.

OWS, Inc.
OWS is an international testing company with extensive experience in assessing the biodegradability, compostability, biogas production potential and ecotoxicity of materials. Clients include major agricultural, chemical, plastics, paper and consumer products manufacturers from the USA, Europe, and Japan. OWS has been at the forefront of developing test methodology for determining the biodegradability and digestibility of materials in various environments. OWS offers a full range of aqueous and solid-based tests and the testing needed to obtain the label for “Compostable” initiated by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and the US Composting Council, as well as the testing needed to satisfy the requirements for the two European logos: OK Compost and DIN-Certco. OWS’s proprietary dry anaerobic digestion technology converts a wide array of solid and semisolid organic residuals to renewable energy. It designs, engineers and constructs biogas plants worldwide; seven have more than 10 years of continuous operation.

Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Company
Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Co. is an equipment dealer with over 25 years of experience in materials processing and handling as well as the organics recycling industries. Utilizing the products we represent, the company is able to assist customers in selecting the “right” piece of equipment for their needs. Our customers are associated with many different industries including: composting and organics recycling, sand and gravel operations, remedial materials processing, recycling and landfill operations, land clearing and site contractors, mining, bark and topsoil production, agriculturalists and the co-gen industry. Pacific Rock & Recycle Equipment Co. sells equipment manufactured by McCloskey International Ltd., Scarab Manufacturing, Hawker Corporation Airlift Separators and Badger Shredding Products.

Peterson Pacific Corp
Industry leader in sales of heavy-duty grinders used in composting, mulch and biomass markets. Equipment lines includes pulpwood tree processors and blower trucks.

PSI – EcoSafe
Plastics Solutions Inc., established in 1999 through our brand EcoSafe® 6400™, is committed to the development, production and distribution of certified compostable products that meet the highest standards for performance and value using only North American made product and technologies. Our strategic partners are industry leaders in both the retail and the industrial, commercial, and institutional channels of distribution.

Renewable BioSystems, LLC
Renewable BioSystems, LLC (RBL) manufactures a new oil extraction technology with significant waste-to-energy conversion metrics. RBL will increase revenues and speed up composting process by removing the oil from the food waste before composting. RBL’s advanced oil extraction technology offers substantially improved economics for converting material such as food residuals, food factory waste, offal and DAF sludge into a valuable renewable oil that can be used for power generation, livestock feed or as a biodiesel feedstock.

REOTEMP Instruments
REOTEMP has a full line of temperature probes, moisture meters, and oxygen probes. As well as probe guards, data loggers and wireless monitoring. Over 20 years in compost.

Rotochopper, Inc
Rotochopper manufactures a complete line of horizontal grinders that are available in electric or diesel models with infeed widths ranging from 24 to 66 inches and horsepower ranging from 75 HP to 750 HP. In addition, Rotochopper also manufactures purpose built asphalt shingle grinders, mobile bagging plants and wood chip processors/colorizers.

ROTO-MIX Industrial Compost Mixers are available in sizes from 10 to 50 cubic yards capacity. Its patented rotor designs are offered in its horizontal mixers and twin screw vertical mixers. All mixers come in truck, trailer, and stationary models. Options include conveyors for windrowing or stacking, electronic scales and stainless steel shells and liners. ROTO-MIX also has compost spreaders with vertical rear beaters in truck and trailer models from 13 to 30 cubic yards.

Rural Community Assistance Corporation
RCAC provides technical assistance, training and financing so rural communities achieve their goals and visions. Established in 1978, RCAC serves rural and Native American communities and community-based organizations in 13 western states and the Western Pacific. RCAC program areas include affordable housing, environmental infrastructure (water, wastewater, solid waste), economic development, leadership development and community development finance. RCAC is a certified Community Development Financial Institution, lending for affordable housing development, environmental infrastructure and community facilities in rural areas. We serve Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Over 38 years of experience in engineering and building the world’s most fuel efficient and productive windrow turners. Odor problems? Scarab now offers an affordable indoor solution with better economics than covers.

Stewart Engineered Equipment Company
SEECO Engineers, designs, and manufactures gas compression, conditioning, and treatment systems for the biogas markets. Proven systems for landfill gas and digester gas. Proven systems for burners, boilers, engines, fuel cells, gas turbines, microturbine, and pipeline projects. Systems are complete with all piping, wiring, instrumentation, and PLC controls. Systems are designed to give the exact gas pressure, flow, and quality per your specifications.

Synagro is the leading provider of beneficial use management services for municipal sludge and other organic residuals. Synagro provides high-quality, cost-effective management and beneficial reuse services for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants for over thirty years. Synagro’s services include facility site development, facility design, financing, construction, operation, transportation, public relations, and community acceptance programs, permitting and marketing of end products.

US Composting Council
The US Composting Council is the national organization dedicated to the development and expansion of the composting and organics industry. The USCC achieves this mission by supporting and performing research, promoting best management practices, establishing standards, educating professionals and the public about the benefits of composting and compost utilization, and developing markets for compost products. The USCC Annual Conference is scheduled for January 23-26, 2011 in Santa Clara, California.

U. S. EPA, Region 9
US EPA Pacific Southwest Region supports innovative approaches for recycling food scraps and green waste. EPA’s Resource Conservation Challenge encourages diversion of organic materials from landfills through source reduction and recycling options such as anaerobic digestion and composting. Additionally, EPA provides technical assistance to cities, tribal communities, and other stakeholders to expand organics recycling and other waste reduction options. Information about the new Food Waste Management calculator on website.

Vision Recycling
Vision Recycling plays a role in putting green waste and food waste, that would otherwise take up space in a county’s landfill, to better use. Vision Recycling processes green waste and food waste into compost, mulch and wood chips for retail sale. Vision Recycling is a service company that excels in turn key wood and green waste diversion solutions for landfills. Using Diamond Z tub grinders, Vision Recycling effectively transforms green waste into environmentally friendly compost and mulch products.

Wildcat Manufacturing
Wildcat manufactures a full line of trommel screens and compost turners. Wildcat produces three styles of compost turners, including PTO-driven, self-powered towable and self-propelled. Wildcat is an affiliate of Vermeer.

Xebec Adsorption Inc.
Xebec Adsorption Inc. is a global provider of biogas upgrading equipment. Xebec’s mission is to ensure customers receive the maximum revenue from their biogas stream whether it is from an anaerobic digester, landfill or wastewater plant. Xebec offers skid or containerized upgrading systems, and with our partners, engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM). Xebec’s technology is based on a proven, rapid cycle PSA system which delivers high recovery and gas purity to pipeline specification. Benefits of Xebec’s second generation Xebec’s upgrading technology include a one step process to remove CO2, N2, O2, and H2O. Xebec’s upgrading systems ensure low installation and operating costs while at the same time optimizing system uptime and availability.

Yield Energy Inc.
YIELD Energy Inc. (“YIELD”) is a developer of biogas plants utilizing urban/suburban organic feedstocks. Through a proven, state-of-the-art two stage preprocessing and anaerobic digestion technology, YIELD’s system can convert physically contaminated feedstocks from both residential (e.g. yard and garden, food waste) and commercial (e.g. packaged and physically contaminated food waste: grocery stores, restaurants, cafeterias) into renewable electricity and bio-methane for grid or low carbon fuel use. There are currently five commercial facilities up and running in Europe with two additional facilities being commissioned this summer in the United Kingdom and Luxembourg.

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