2015 Recipients of the Jerome Goldstein Scholarship Fund For EcoEntrepreneuring

September 2, 2015 | BioCycle World

BioCycle World: 2015 Recipients Of The Jerome Goldstein Scholarship Fund For EcoEntrepreneuring

The 2015 Recipients of the Jerome Goldstein Scholarship Fund for EcoEntrepreneuring shared their analysis of various topics on August 31st, 2015.

Quinn Daugherty

The event was held at Rutgers University EcoComplex, located in Bordentown, New Jersey.

Five interns, ranging from undergraduates to PhD students, researched and explored their topic of choice for nine weeks this summer at the EcoComplex. Rutgers faculty and EcoComplex incubator companies helped and supported the interns. Each intern made a presentation and wrote a research paper. On August 31st, they presented their research with pride and confidence to professors, mentors, family, friends, and the Goldstein Family.

Presentation Titles And Information

2015 Recipients of the Jerome Goldstein Scholarship Fund For EcoEntrepreneuring

2015 Recipients of the Jerome Goldstein Scholarship Fund For EcoEntrepreneuring (left to right):
 Ashley Pennington, Kevin Marceski, Alessandra Looman, Catrice Carter and Julia Burmistrova.

Hydrogen Production From Methane Steam Over Modified Titanium Dioxide

Ashley Pennington’s project focused on significantly reducing the energy required to produce hydrogen by utilizing methane steam.

Food Waste as a Feedstock for Renewable Power Production by Anaerobic Digestion

Alessandra Looman collected data by calling nine different types of facilities in four sectors to get their food waste generation volume. Using that data, she created an interactive data map that shows the different generation rates of many facilities in New Jersey.

Hydroponic Amaranth

Kevin Marceski raised hydroponic amaranth to improve the availability of specialty foods consumed by ethnic groups in New Brunswick. He researched the science behind amaranth, as well as marketing and branding.

Environmental Assessment of Organic Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes

Catrice Carter researched organic light emitting diodes. She focused on the benefits, drawbacks, and solutions by looking at assessments and system boundaries.

New Jersey Energy Resource Network Update

Julia Burmistrova evaluated the New Jersey Clean Energy Resource Network database website to determine options for making it more interesting and modern. She showed the process she took to achieve her goals.

Present for ceremony

Present for the ceremony (left to right)
: Serpil Guran (Director, Rutgers EcoComplex), Alison Goldstein Daugherty (daughter of Jerome Goldstein), Quinn Daugherty (granddaughter of Jerome Goldstein), Albert Ayeni (Rutgers Ag Entrepreneurship), Nora Goldstein (daughter of Jerome Goldstein), Ashley Pennington (recipient), Alessandra Looman (recipient), Kevin Marceski (recipient), Catrice Carter (recipient), Rill Goldstein Miller (daughter of Jerome Goldstein), Julia Burmistrova (recipient) and David Specca (Assistant Director, Rutgers EcoComplex).

About the Jerome Goldstein Scholarship for EcoEntrepreneuring

Jerome Goldstein (1931-2012) was the founding Editor and Publisher of BioCycle and founder of The JG Press, Inc. the Jerome Goldstein Scholarship Fund For EcoEntrepreneuring supports student researchers at the Rutgers University EcoComplex in Bordentown, New Jersey. The EcoComplex integrates composting, anaerobic digestion, compost utilization, agricultural production, renewable energy and enterprise development.

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