February 25, 2020 | General

26 Years Of Compost Week In Canada

Compost Week got its start in 1995 when the Compost Council of Canada (CCC) decided a week should be dedicated to celebrate compost.

“Sure, we have 52 weeks each year to work on that ‘COMPOST!’ message but, during the first full week of May each year and for the past 26 years, we have the opportunity to sing and shout in harmony with colleagues around the world,”explains Susan Antler, Executive Director of CCC, in a press release. “So turn your backyard composter, plant a row, bake compost cookies, sample your compost, tell your stories and celebrate your team.”

The release from CCC included the original 1995 image that became the first Compost Week poster, and the Council’s 2020 International Compost Awareness Week poster with the message of “FOR THE LOVE OF THE EARTH … POUR L’AMOUR DE LA TERRE … COMPOST !” In the release, Antler characterizes organics recycling advocates:

“We are amongst a rare group — privileged to be able to pursue what we believe in, challenged to live up to our own and society’s expectations and responsible for not taking ‘no, it can’t be done’ as the answer. From the simple concept of ‘recycle your organics’, our collective world of doing what needs to be done has unfolded. … We are a modest lot — focused on the tasks that can turn our visions into reality rather than taking center stage ourselves. And that’s ok. But it is also important to do a bit of celebrating with positive shouts to ‘spread the compost’ message. And that is what International Compost Awareness Week is all about.”

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