Peter Wadewitz

August 13, 2019 | Composting

BioCycle International Trailblazer: Australia

Peter Wadewitz, Peats Soil & Garden Supplies, Australia

BioCycle August 2019

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Peter Wadewitz

Peter Wadewitz

Just get it done. And “done” means “done right.” You make a good product and people will want it. You don’t make a good product, of course people aren’t going to want it. That is just common sense — and words you would expect to come out of the mouth of Peter Wadewitz, founder of Peats Soil in Adelaide, Australia. He has a really level head on his shoulders and a passion for compost. The composting industry in Australia benefits because of it. Pete founded Peat’s Soil 45 years ago. The company composts much of the green waste from Adelaide, as well as biosolids, manures and you name it. Pete also has developed closed composting systems that are used worldwide.
Now he is getting interested in anaerobic digestion. I fully expect that Pete will figure out the best way to pair the two. For him, a challenge is a puzzle to get excited about, not something to lose sleep over. Pete’s down to earth attitude, his excess of common sense, and his passion for compost means that the Australian Organics Recycling Organization (AORA) is getting stronger every year. He shows up and helps others. All with the requisite amount of ribbing. Emulate this guy. It will make the industry stronger.
— Sally Brown, University of Washington
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