BioCycle Trailblazers

July 10, 2019 | Composting

BioCycle Trailblazers

BioCycleTrailblazersOrganics Recycling has come light years from the founding of Compost Science — BioCycle’s original name — in 1960. Thank you to the BioCycle Trailblazers who have given us the tools and practices to forge ahead in 2019, BioCycle’s 60th Anniversary.

BioCycle July 2019

You are about to meet a few in the U.S. and Canada, suggested by colleagues and long-time friends of BioCycle. What better time than our 60th Anniversary to celebrate these trailblazing individuals and projects. Trailblazers in many other countries will be profiled — along with anaerobic digestion Trailblazers — in the August BioCycle issue.
BioCycle Trailblazers are recognized as projects and people with traits defined as:
• Involved with an invention, research, policy, innovation, project, product, service that significantly advanced organics recycling. “Advanced” in this context includes: Solution to a very vexing process control problem; Opened a new market for compost or biogas; Instituted policy that accelerated growth in composting or AD infrastructure; Quantified negative impact (e.g., GHG emissions) of traditional waste management practice.
• Possesses tenacity, perseverance and grit enabling the individual to ultimately succeed despite challenges, setbacks, and maybe even financial losses.
• Individual who championed a concept, cause or practice, bringing it to the forefront of the organics recycling industry — and who’s name is associated with that accomplishment.
The individuals and projects profiled here do not represent a complete list of Trailblazers. We invite you to email us with your suggestions — include background on the individual and/or project and a high-resolution photo.
Enjoy your hike as you explore the trail forged by BioCycle blazers!

BioCycle Trailblazers:

Jerome Goldstein (1931 – 2012),  BioCycle Founder
Clarence Golueke, PhD (1911 – 2004),  University of California, Berkeley
Roger Tim Haug, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Loyola Marymount University
Sally Brown, PhD, University of Washington
Francis (Frank) Gouin, PhD (1938-2018), Emeritus Professor, University of Maryland
H. Clay Kellogg, Jr. (1927 – 1987), Kellogg Supply Co.
Harry A. Hoitink, PhD, The Ohio State University
Dynamic Duo: Barrie Cogburn and Scott McCoy, TxDOT and TCEQ
USDA-EPA Aerated Static Pile Team
Ron Alexander, R. Alexander Associates Inc.
The “Metals” Researchers, aka “W-170 Group”
Will Allen, Growing Power

Trailblazing In Canada

BioCycle Trailblazing Projects

Second installment (August)

We continue our tributes to BioCycle Trailblazers, both in the U.S. and internationally

Final installment (November/December)

BioCycle Trailblazers Finale: Biowaste Composting Trailblazers in Germany and Austria


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