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Compost Week Highlights

ADI (PEI) International claims pumpkin contest prize.BioCycle June 2009, Vol. 50, No. 6, p. 45
Compost Canada
Susan Antler

WELCOME to Compost Canada, a new column from the Composting Council of Canada, and sponsored by Norseman Plastics, Inc. This inaugural column focuses on Compost Awareness Week, held in Canada this year in the beginning of May. Compost Week continues to unite composting advocates in a week of celebrations to advance our message and programs. From public education seminars to composting facility tours, the depth and breadth of celebrations reflect the range of interests and initiatives of the folks who are making compost grow across Canada.

As part of its outreach and education initiatives to promote compost use, the Composting Council of Canada sponsors an annual competition, Compost Giant’s – The Great Pumpkin Growing Contest. There is still time to enter the 2009 contest. The weigh-in date is Friday, September 25, 2009. To sign up and receive pumpkin seeds, please contact the Council at
For the third year in a row, the compost team at ADI (PEI) International Inc. was able to stand on the top of the compost pile as winners of the 2008 pumpkin growing contest. Their golden beauty had the top weight of all entries across Canada and earned them the prize of both bragging rights as well as $500 for a local gardening initiative of their choice. This year, ADI directed its prize money to the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Humane Society, where the funds will be used to enhance its dog park and run. ADI operates PEI’s Central Compost Facility in Brookfield, which processes residential and commercial source separated organics.
Tree planted to honor champion pumpkin grower
The advancement of composting in Canada has benefited from the talents and efforts of many, many people – both those who have made composting their life mission as well as those who are pursuing their life’s passions in other directions of Canadian society and have given their support and influence. Included among our Council’s “friends” was Howard Dill, world champion pumpkin grower. Known as “Pumpkin King,” Mr. Dill gave his support to our Council as we set about developing our annual Pumpkin Growing Contest.
With his passing last year, his legacy with the Council continues with the support of his children. And to recognize his contribution, a tree was planted in his hometown of Windsor, Nova Scotia, during this year’s Compost Awareness Week celebrations. The planting bed was prepared with compost supplied by the Horsnell Family of Northridge Farms. The tree is off to a great growing start and will serve as a visible “thank you” in the years ahead.

When it gets to the point that the police in the City of Toronto are called in to “protect” the compost pile, you’ve got to believe that compost’s value is finally getting recognized. This scene was taken during Compost Week at a park near our Council’s office where free compost was made available as part of an Environment Day event by the City of Toronto. Buckets, bags, bushels and all kinds of containers helped local residents carry compost back to their gardens for a great start of this year’s gardening season.
Police in the City of Toronto are called in to 'protect' the compost pile
As a precursor to the upcoming Olympic winter games, Vancouver also will be the site of this year’s annual National Compost Conference. Scheduled from September 30-October 2, 2009, with optional tour days in advance, the Council’s annual learning and networking event promises to capture the latest information on compost developments, markets and programs. Visit for more details and registration information.
Susan Antler is Executive Director of the Composting Council of Canada, based in Toronto, Ontario.

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