February 4, 2020 | General

Draft Report On California SB 1383 Costs Of Compliance

CalRecycle invites stakeholders to review and provide feedback on a draft report, “SB 1383 Local Services Rates Analysis,” submitted by R3 Consulting Group as part of a study completed under a CalRecycle contract. The purpose of the study was to conduct research and analysis regarding the cost impacts of SB 1383 to local jurisdictions, which are tasked with enforcing most of the provisions of the law. While the regulations do not specify the means through which a jurisdiction must fund the costs of complying with the law, they do require that the mandated program be adequately resourced. Additionally, though SB 1383 provides no reimbursements to local agencies for the cost of program implementation, the legislation specifically authorizes them to charge and collect fees to recover costs incurred by complying with the regulations.
The report provides options and recommendations for funding mechanisms that can be used by jurisdictions to implement the collection requirements and support the development of organics recycling infrastructure. The results of this study will be incorporated into a CalRecycle analysis, which requires CalRecycle, in consultation with the California Air Resources Board, to analyze the progress that the waste sector, state government, and local governments have made in reducing organic waste disposal. This report addresses the requirement to include an analysis of appropriate rate increases for solid waste and recycling services to support organics recycling infrastructure expansion. Submit comments and questions to Tim Hall at  no later than February 14, 2020. Download the draft (pdf file)

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