March 14, 2012 | General

Editorial: Insight, Foresight, Website

Nora Goldstein
BioCycle March 2012, Vol. 53, No. 3, p. 4
BioCycle is about to debut its new website, The upgraded home page has an improved platform to showcase online content and photos. It is designed to keep readers abreast of breaking news and provide instant access to articles in the current issue as well as from our robust archives. BioCycle editors, who reach out daily while reporting on composting, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy and sustainability, will post timely links to useful information, as well as “gems” culled from interviews with people and projects to be profiled in articles and departments.
Offerings to BioCycle readers with paid subscriptions are expanding. The home page makes it easy to search the BioCycle archives, which contain all articles and news items published since the beginning of 2004 (and free for subscribers to access). BioCycle editors are compiling reports on specific topics that can be downloaded and used for project development, trainings, research and more. Shortly after the launch, subscribers will also have an opportunity to participate in monitored and facilitated Discussion Forums. Of course, will tap into all the social media tools, with a blog, Tweets and a Facebook page.
Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities our new website provides is the capacity to grow and connect the BioCycle community. We have been doing that successfully for 53 years via the magazine, and for more than 40 years with our conferences. Until now, however, we haven’t taken full advantage of the tools that connect our community in cyberspace. Readers of BioCycle are dedicated to advancing utilization of resources in the waste stream to build healthy ecosystems, economies and communities. Current — and easy to obtain — information is critical to helping you fulfill your missions. Staying current, both through information access and interacting with industry experts via the Discussion Forums and blog, will be easier with the relaunch of
Speaking of interacting, this issue’s West Coast Conference Preview (starting on page 27) offers a snapshot of the range of presentation topics at BioCycle’s 26th Annual West Coast Conference, April 16-19, 2012, in Portland, Oregon. There is still time to register for the conference, where opportunities abound to network and learn first-hand about a wide range of critical and current topics relevant to advancing recovery and utilization of renewable resources.
In the meantime, we are proud to deliver more than 50 years of insight, looking to the future of organics recycling with foresight, through the unveiling of our new website,

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