April 14, 2020 | Food Waste

Food Waste Solutions Amid The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how food waste solution providers and food businesses must operate to safely do their work, states ReFED, a food-focused organization.

What are the new challenges they’re facing? What can they be doing to overcome them? And what can they learn from others who are successfully adapting their operations to this new reality? To help answer these questions and more, ReFED is launching a weekly discussion series, Better Together: Food System Best Practices for Navigating COVID-19. The series launches today, April 15 at 3:00 PM Eastern, 12:00 PM Pacific, and continues for the following 5 Wednesdays. Topics covered include:

  • April 15 – LogisticsConnecting Food and Transportation Surpluses and Shortages Caused by COVID-19, focuses on working within the supply chains to get food to the people who need it — and not rotting in fields and in trucks.
  • April 22 – Labor: Connecting Labor Surpluses and Shortages During COVID-19, covers how to match people willing and able to work with organizations that need them to meet record demand for food recovery and distribution.
  • April 29 – Safety: Safe Operations & Food Handling During COVID-19, looks at an entirely new set of best practices to implement in addition to all-important food safety practices.
  •  May 6 – Government: Getting Government Support During COVID-19, features experts who discuss how to get needed assistance and improve food access.
  • May 13 – Finance: Organizational Financial Health During and After COVID-19, addresses a range of fiscal issues and opportunities to stay financially healthy in the short- and long-term.

Discussions will be recorded and posted to ReFED’s COVID-19 Resources, Best Practices and Ideas.


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